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  1. Except they're not doing custom colours according to Kent
  2. No, no .... have a look at https://goo.gl/photos/SWALm7r8msfQg9NL8 They clearly point to the logo showing it's not a B-series - It's a Reflex 1.5 classic
  3. No wonder I never took art - I clearly cannot tell that varied quadrilaterals and triangles are the same as an (almost) square grid.
  4. http://kitelife.com/kl-archive/reviews/review-quad-line/issue-52-review-of-b-series-by-revolution-kites/
  5. But don't call it a B-series ... they don't make those anymore It's the not-a-B-series
  6. Well, with the exception of the rods and the folded ends on the leading edge (probably the NYM one) it's still the same kite so there's no need have any new info.
  7. Well according to the screenshot I attached .... it IS the B-series - they used the same web page but just changed the name. Have a look at the red sections that have been marked out
  8. @Wayne Dowler As far as I know it comes with the reflex rods, but can take the standard rods (without springs) which basically makes it a B-series wing.
  9. Based on the attached screenshot I guess the B-series didn't go away - it just got renamed, had springs added and a NYM leading edge put on.. Seeing as how you can get this without the springs (according to stated info) I guess if you just change a leading edge then it's a different kite. I'm sure that is fantastic news / precedent to certain questionable factories (and private builders) out there.
  10. The kite goes wherever it is pointing when you pull the lines unless the wind pushes it around on the way back to you
  11. Nope, that's the Zenith which they designed and have made by Gomberg kites.
  12. Believe it or not .... Wala and Wala XL What most people don't realise is that if you use or have a movable tow point then you flare the tail out and let the kite skip on top of the wind instead of taking the full force. Brassington kites are cleaver in that the 2 point bridle is actually a single point with the second point being a restrictor to prevent the tail going too far and having the nose dip into a dive. His trains are all like that and I have flown them in big wind in Cape Town. Another option is a single point bridled Tri-D, or any single point kite for that matter.
  13. Most useful bit of advice - look at the part you want to remain static. Visually stapling it to the sky so to speak. In the case of a vertical tip pivot, the next most useful thing is to drive the whole kite forward an inch or two before initiating the pivot. The length of the drive depends on how much you want to hide it's existence. In the case of horizontal tip pivots, gravity and momentum are your friend.
  14. If I recall someones comment on JB's team dogstake broadcast I think we're talking about $450-ish expensive. It was made for high quality and performance, not low cost ... and it delivers.
  15. Based on what I've seen in videos and my experience of buying kites (good and bad) and comparing my experience with the videos ... The grace is not a kite that I feel I will like at all. I much prefer the Wala and Emong in the Flying Wings range as far as gliders go. I don't get on with the Zero-G either, but it's the only glider I own that steers from the rear instead of the nose. I understand it, my brain just hasn't got around to adapting to the different style. I've been setting up my indoor rev inside a sports center before and had someone come ask me if I'd noticed that there w
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