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  1. Thank you all for your time and information. The dark side calls. Second REV kite, NYM single vent, not my last REV purchase either. May all your flights be awesome and keep the wind at your back. Leon
  2. Hi Mark, Your question: "How many mph are your "lower wind days"?" They are around 5-8 mph. Bumpy wind, gusty at times. I have the supersonic vented for fun in the higher wind days, (great fun). I was looking for impressions or comments on the NYM single vent. Your comment about "They feel a bit smoother than other panel layouts on the 1.5 size sails" is the kind of information I was looking for. I will be buying a NYM over the winter, probably a single vent, just because of the bumpy winds. I know NYM is a great kite from the reviews, just looking for single vent feed back. Also is the red one really faster than the purple? :-D Have an awesome day, Leon
  3. Are there many NYM single vent fliers? I believe it would be perfect for our lower wind days with occasional gusts. There seems to be a lot of reviews/comments on the mid vent which is closer to the NYM double vent. From Revolutions site, "NYM 4 Quiver Includes: Standard sail: No venting, light to medium winds, 3-8 mph. Single vent: 20% venting, perfect for bumpy winds, 7-12 mph. Double vent: 42% venting (9% over the mid-vent B-Series), 10-18 mph. Triple vent: 70% venting (between full and extra vent), 16+ mph." I fly inland winds, which can be gusty. Four lines kites in my quiver are list below. Supersonic vented 4 line stunt kite (Revolution) 5m 4 line traction (Pansh) 2.5m 4 line stunt (Spider) 2.5m 2 line can convert to 4 line stunt (Prism Snapshot foil) What are your impressions or comments on the NYM single vent? Thank you all for your time, this is a great site. Long time lurker, first time poster. Leon
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