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  1. I have used so many trainer kites over the last few years, went though many manufacturers and models and eventually stuck with the flexifoil buzz and sting as they fly really well even in very light winds due to the fat profile and huge air inlets. Also they dont have holes in the cell walls so no weak points to tear which is where all teh otehr kites failed on. They have some cell wall holes near the end of the wingtips but these have re-enforcements, I have yet to have any of these kites die on me.
  2. If you dont want to use paint, one of my freinds put a design on his kite using the stuff that sailors use for the numbers on their sails when in races. Looks great and you can always take it off if you want to sell or put a new design on.
  3. Ive used my Liquid Force Comp kitesurfing waist harness for the last 2 winters, works a treat. kitesurfing sussex
  4. Have a look at these two cool videos of kitesurfing, both have some really nice editing kitesurfing videos
  5. 4m will be a nice size for you are you are quite big, just make sure that you start with it in no more than 15knots of wind. Foil kites fly in not much at all so you will be able to pricatice in anything from about 5 knots. Learn to fly the kite very well before attempting the board, make sure you can fly it with out even looking at it. any entry level board from a good manufacturer will be fine. scrub, kheo, mbs, RKB make good boards at reasonable prices Definitely not too old, most of the people that do kite sports are middle aged kitesurfing camber
  6. Cool site, really useful Are you going to have board reviews on there as well in the future? kitesurfing lessons
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