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  1. I would love to make it to the beech mtn. festival (being i've never been to ANY kite festival) but alas, I cannot because of time and budget constraints. I will not be able to make the six hour drive there unfortunately! B) If you're looking for more info check out the websites of clubs attending: richmondairforce.com (team flying, you'll find photos of past festivals on this site)

    wackos.org (various sport kites and large show kites)

  2. While on the subject of a decent kite around $100, is there any opinions on a first power kite that would be not much over $100? Having no where to try it out before bying and no one to learn from, would one do well to go with a quadline or cheaper dual line first? I'm slowly saving my pennies for some new kites hoping to eventually get a new dual line and my first ever power kite. I've been wanting a hypnotist or big bang for quite some time (since both have a dvd) but now I might do well to settle for an acrobatix. So if I get the cheaper acrobatix as my first ever decent dual line stunter, what would be the best begginers power kite under $200?

  3. Thought I'd mention that there's a kite festival labor day weekend at Beech Mountain in N.C. W.A.C.K.O.S.(kite club) and Richmond Air Force (sport kite team) will be there. Large single line kites and sport kite demos along with kite making and free kites for 1st 100 children! There will be vendors and a kite store set up. I've never been to a kite festival yet, but if there's ANY way possible I'd love to make to this event! Is there anyone else on the forums attending this event?

  4. I've always done that too! 2 lines on seprate winders. Until my last time out that is. I tried the four on one and it worked just fine with no tangles at all and it does seem quicker to only have to walk the lines out once. To each there own I say!

  5. Numerous cheap plastic deltas were my first kites. I don't remember the specific first one, but I do remember having a smurf one once that had this cool red plastic reel for winding in the string. I think that kite broke loose and I lost it over the tree tops. Had this great flying red plastic delta for a few years and some other cheap ones that i'd fly 3 at a time out in my grandpa's pasture. I'd have 3 or 4 up as far as the string would go and then walk the long trip back to my grandparent's house and see how long they'd stay flying by themselves! A pocket sled was my first kite made of nylon. Still have a tiny plastic wrist kite somewhere that you can store in a pouch you wear around your wrist! First dual line...a go fly a kite boomer that I NEVER learned to fly til after getting the larger bandit. Got hooked with a bandit and now I have a parastunter, Revolution Exp and prism 3d. Along with a 6' delta, rainbow ship, 8' delta conyne, and prism triad!

    Oh, and during those childhood to adult days, I had to make a kite for a project in college!! Made 2 rokakus, one of bamboo and some heavier than nylon material, and one from a yardstick and garbage bag! Painted one and used marker on the other to decorate. Well I guess that's my life's kites story there! :P

  6. Uh, I think that's when low to zero wind kites come into play! Speaking of, I've yet to get a good one except for my cheapy ebay bought very used prism 3D. I've had some fun with it in my small yard though when the wind is actually UP. I can fly it out in the field though when others won't! When trying to fly my rev last weekend, i'm sure I looked silly to all the people on the walking track that surrounds the field I fly in. I did a lot of standing around with handles in hand waiting for the stronger breezes. I didn't mind though, cause the wind DID pick up ever so often! Yesterday though was the strongest wind i've flown in yet! My Rev EXP had some STRONG pull at times!! FUN! FUN!

    Keep up the practice Steve and you WILL catch on! In the right wind with a very cheap 'goflyakite' bandit, I caught on and i've been addicted ever since!!

  7. I remember the first time I learned to fly a dual line. The wind was strong and I could finally keep the kite in the air. Everything clicked. The hand motions with the wind hitting the kite. I didn't want to ever land it! I could fly all day. Just like my 2 year old her first time out with a cheap plastic diamond. She didn't want to let it go! But eventually we all have to wind in the lines.

    I think we're all looking for a high and that's the reason we like to fly. It's a way to take off without ever lifting your feet. It lets our soul soar above without ever leaving this earth that we love. The soul was meant to fly. If it couldn't I think it'd die. And if it wasn't for one wonderful thing, we'd never have this fun past time with a string. What is this wonderful thing you ask? Read of it now from these words from the past.

    When he uttereth his voice...he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures. -Jeremiah 9:13

    The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. -John 3:8

    ...but the wind passeth, and cleanseth them. -Job 37:21

    ...and God made a wind to pass over the earth...-Genesis 8:1

    And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. -Revelation 6:5

  8. Hmmm... I've been thinking of saving up for a powerblast. I've yet to ever try power kiting and I love my Rev EXP. So can the blast 2-4 really create pulling power in winds down to 3mph? I want a quad line kite I can struggle with in winds under ten.

  9. I went from flying a GFAK bandit til it broke to flying a Revolution EXP that my wife bought me last year on our anniversary. It was only $150 from wind power sports online store and I had NO trouble adapting to four lines! So if you're looking into a rev, whatever the model, I say go for it!!

  10. Thanks for the tip on line sleeving!! I was racking my brain trying to think of something I already had on hand that I could use since i've no flourist wire. I found a solution!! A used guitar string, the high E string, did the trick just perfectly!!! :) So now if I can just take the time to resleeve all four lines, maybe my rev can be back in the air tommorrow!

  11. :D Spent 3 hours untangling my lines last night!! arrgghh!!! Got some short flying in yesterday in the cold at a park with a playground where my girls could play but unfortunately my two 4 yr olds let my 18 month old too close to the pond that's in the park!! Her pants got soaked! + I was ticked! + Hurried to go home! = kiteline nightmare, mucho entanglement!!! All is well now though. :D
  12. had more fun today! Winds got even stronger. I noticed that it seemed a little bit easier to make it fly in reverse when the wind was stronger. I love the pull of the kite when the winds get up. Sure is fun! Hey, is there any video footage on the net anywhere of a shockwave or supersonic? I'd like to see those models in action.

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