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  1. Steve808

    Bead Rev

    Very Nicely done. At first I thought someone actually made a sail for Rev. out of large bubble bubble wrap. An idea I have kept around that always brings a smile when thinking about it. Sail could be used for packing in a travel case and unrolled and rodded up and away it goes. Could also be made into earrings with the post or hook from one of the leading edges end....could have the leading facing the neck on each side or outside...etc. Make them to match ones kites too. Thanks for posting Steve
  2. It must be the speed series that creates the "wild" side is us to come out. Stacking Super Sonics and other speed series together can only start being fun. Here is my take on stacking Super Sonics. They fly really well. I have set the pair up in vented and full sail versions. Since I prefer the wild and crazy pulling, speed and turns...I usually only fly the full sail version with the dual or duo set up.
  3. Aloha Windwarrior Just had to go out yesterday to "test" fly the kite we picked up from you. I have purchased "new" or barely flown kites before. Was a bit skeptical about it actually being never flown and in mint condition Still needed a vented kite for a friend. It looks, feels & flies just like a new kite. Even had that "new" kite smell. Thank You Steve
  4. Sent a PM in regards to possible purchase. Thank you Steve808
  5. So far I have had great results with Zap-A-Gap and FlexCoat Rod Finish epoxe After removal of the ferrule, I clean the ferrule as best as I can, light sanding helps also Then scrape and clean the inside of the rod. With Zap-A-Gap, I put 2 drops on the end of the ferrule and twist it in the rod to the 1/2 mark I then pull it out and add another drop or so, to be sure there is total coverage. Push back in, twisting to get full coverage. Wipe and clean up any glue Let sit about 5 min. Done Never had one come loose up so far Flex Coat epoxe rod finish I have used before for coating the thread wraps on fishing rods. I have even used it on some of my rod ends that have cracked or split. I tried it on ferrules and so far I have not had one loosen up. Takes a long time for the glue to set up. Best to have something to keep the rod turning slowly to keep the glue from pooling. I have used the fish rod turning set up.
  6. These mid vent colors match my full vent. It sure would be nice to take it out for a spin or tow or three or a dive stop I was thinking I am in need of a new kite soon...after drooling, I mean seeing all those nice new Rev's in Seaside. This could just be the one. Thanks for all the work & time you put in... Steve
  7. Aloha John My son has this kite. It would be great to have a matching kite to his in June, my birthday month also Keep up the great work and flying Steve
  8. Steve808

    Super Sonic Sunset

    Super Sonic Sunset at Pukalani Park over looking West Maui Pilot, Steve Lewis, Photo by Lance Endo
  9. Steve808


    Welcome to the addiction. It only gets better..... Glad to be able to help Aloha Steve808
  10. Aloha Tom Thanks for the heads up on the glues Got them written down on a post-it I placed in my car for next trip to hardware store or hobby shop. Will try it out. Several other Rev fliers I fly with are also into RC building. I'll ask them if they know where locally to purchase it also. Thank you Steve
  11. Tom, thanks for the reminder for cleaning the inside of the rod. I clean the insides of the rods each time I glue ferrules and completely forgot to include it in my post. Scraping and sanding to remove the old glue on the inside of the rods and on the outside of the ferrule. Finish wipe down with solvent too. What is the "more flexible" adhesive you use? Next time I'll try coating the inside of the rod like you describes. Thanks Steve
  12. One glue solution for the ferrule problem that I use is "Flex Coat" It is a 2 part epoxy that remains somewhat flexible and is used in fishing rods for coating the thread holding down the eyelets. Down side, it takes time to set though. Several house to set and then about 24hours to finish. They make a 5 minute flex coat also. Will try that later It is self leveling, so having the rod turn slowly at first keeps the glue even and not puddling. Fishing rod supply businesses, websites have the product, and info. I use just enough to coat the entire surface of the ferrule. Push in and twist at least 30 degrees and hold for a short time so it doesn't back out. Haven't had one come loose yet. I can remove it later also....drop tapping on a block of wood works after numerous taps. I have used it on ferrules on the 1/4" rods and rods for SLE and Super Sonic. I have also used Zap a Gap. It has worked great so far. I also use Flex Coat with wrapping the rod ends, about 2 to 3" or so, of some of the rods that have cracked or chipped, using rod wrapping line and the tools for wrapping fishing rods. Works great until a new rod(s) is ordered and to have emergency rod(s) available just in case that would have been otherwise thrown away. With the colors of wrapping thread available, I use color threads to match the sail colors. Rod bling, yeah baby! It does add a just tad bit of weight though. Steve
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