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  1. You really needed to capitalize the word YET! Once you have the addiction you'll end up with a quad eventually LOL. Or you could get it REALLY bad and be like John who probably has enough quads to wallpaper a large house.
  2. Syruss


    Awesome News! I sure hope you get them all back and in good shape! Will keep my fingers and toes crossed!
  3. It's all funny till someone gets hurt, then it's hysterical. (I really need to get this shirt)
  4. Although I REALLY wanted to win a darwin award, and the thought of flying Rebar and Chicken wire did cross my mind, I am glad I opted out. We had wind gusts clocked over 120 from this last storm. Bandon had sustained winds of 78 mph over an hours time. And our the property we are renting looks like a tornado hit it. Branches and trees everywhere. It was amazing that not a single window was broken or any damage to the roof. We did lose power for 3 days due to a power pole that snapped in 2 different places. That takes some pretty good wind to bust a power pole in 2 spots! Now I have to get the yard all cleaned up or the wife won't let me go play with the toys!
  5. We have a nice storm advisory for Sunday and Monday, 60+ MPH winds. I am thinking about stacking my two 3 meter parafoils and going for a ride. Anyone in the Midwest have a good landing zone LOL I am thinking that might even be a tad bit extreme for a vented, so I guess I won't be flying this weekend
  6. Pretty cool stories, I was hoping you guys would add some. So far I haven't been invited to anything, but then again I can just barely fly. But I am getting better. In just 20 more years if John stops practicing I'll be as good as he was 10 years ago. (Sounds like one of those math questions, if two trains are heading for each other at 50 miles per hour . . . . )
  7. I know a lot of you on here have been kiting addicts for a long time. Tell us your stories about the furthest trip you have gone on to fly a kite? That would be cool. I'll bet some of you have gone to some pretty cool places to fly kites.
  8. hmmm interesting approach. I don't actually have an indoor rev. So that wouldn't be like "just another kite that you have too many of". I might just be able to get away with that. I also need to get a vented 1.5. I just want everything for a vented 1.5 except the rods as I have all of those. I would love a vented rev b but I would have to pay all of that for another set of rods too. Maybe John could call rev and say that this is a medical emergency. Syruss needs a vented kite or he may die.
  9. So what you are saying is: "Syruss needs another kite"? I just want to be absolutely clear on this as when I run it by my wife as "Penny said I need another kite" I don't want to mis-quote you as after I take the frying pan to the head I may not be able to fully remember this conversation. The fact that she likes you may help a little, I probably won't get the biggest skillet, maybe just a half sized one....
  10. What a bummer I really wanted to go flying after work today, but the 30-40mph winds might be a bit much with gusts in the 60's. I wonder if it is time to bring out the stacked parafoils and borrow a VW bug for them to pull.
  11. A Yurt is a round tent, in our case it is 20 feet across, it has insulation, windows and doors on 2 sides. There are lots of places on the coast where you can rent them to camp in. They are permanent structures. Really cool stuff
  12. Bandon is about 80 miles or so north of Brookings right on the coast! It's a great place to live. We need to have a kite party. The property we are renting has a HUGE yard, over an acre mowed and comes complete with a 20 foot Yurt! If anyone wants to come down for some camping and flying, just let me know The Yurt is even insulated and has power so you could have lighting and a electric heater if you needed it. Just needs a little cleaning as it has set empty for a bit.
  13. We have officially been over in Bandon for 2 weeks and I haven't had any free time to fly my kites, that is until this weekend. I went to Seven Devils park and flew 2 times, the wind was awesome, the beach was awesome and I was in kite heaven! Now if only there were some more flyers here... Anyone???
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