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  1. has plans, kites for sale, used kites on consignment, an archive of manuals for all sorts of kites and lots of information on the blog....
  2. i think you can use to download the youtube videos....then you can use quicktime/vlc to see them... i carry lots on a usb flash can get multi gig ones for cheap now..... that idea work?
  3. thief

    Single Line Manufacturers

    Hey Rick! no worries! Dang Ceri is getting on heck of a nice cody!!!!! yes..i might need to wrangle one of these from your hands......... cody build info? i do not think i did....hmm..... can you resend it? fb or email? thanks good winds r
  4. thief

    Single Line Manufacturers

    Hey Rick not certain who you were talking to- not me.... the shop that i used to work at closed in dec. 2005.... and i were going back and forth on fb.......... if you are looking to sell a cody or two drop me a line backside of the forum! Good winds rob
  5. thief

    Single Line Manufacturers

    when i worked in a shop we made sure that we were bringing in kites that were one off kites direct from the makers.... personally i still believe in this practice.....(and keep this practice going ) What makers were you looking for -any specific? there is a website out there that is selling kites direct from the kite mass produced kite designs need apply.... good winds rob
  6. thief

    Ghost Hyperkites dual line stack

    Sweet!!!! make your own face is awesome!!!!! i will drop you a line!!!! thanks good winds!! r
  7. this is posted on fracturedaxel, kitebuilder, gwtw, nekite, rec.kites and on facebook ( please read and pass along-if it can get onto all the kite listserv's and forums that would be grand!!!! sucky crap they are pulling....for two years this has been happening....they are copying about 40 different designs from a good number of makers (some deciding to stay anonymous)....
  8. Don't be so nice to Rob! He's a Newport guy, which in reality makes him a great guy alright, but still................ dang....who is Quaa714???oh much more does he/she know about me....the tattoos? dunno... argh.... Ahahahahaha! It's Rich. Just busting on ya! Good to hook up again after years gone by. BTW, Jared still flys.....REVS! Booger........ oohhh...wait i know that username now....i remember some stories you told me back a few years ago..about parties back like 15-20 years.....i know now........HA
  9. Don't be so nice to Rob! He's a Newport guy, which in reality makes him a great guy alright, but still................ dang....who is Quaa714???oh much more does he/she know about me....the tattoos? dunno... argh....
  10. I posted this up on rec.kites and gwtw...and nothing.....i did drop a note to kite unlimited per geezer's advice..... so...i have a 3 stack of dual line Ghost hyper kites....i have never seen them before...and the shop i worked at did nto carry any hyper kite stuff.... can any one out there help me out with some info??? the kites are in okay condition...not certain-but i think it needs anew bridle (thats part of the i have never seen these before)...and the bag is readable but very very holy..... (and if you are interested...they are for sale).... Thanks guys rob
  11. rob here from Rhode island favorite kites?? slk's -fridolin anders designs -Scott Hampton kites -Ramlal Tien's kites -Karl Longbottom's kites -Robert Van Weers Line Laundry and kites -windfiredesigns kites duals -AzizA -Geenie three line -synergy 333 quads -Decas -Decas -Decas and lots of banners!!!! r
  12. thief

    Indoor Flying Practice

    Thief, you know we've got a blog system on this forum, capable of producing an RSS feed? why-no i did!!!
  13. thief

    Indoor Flying Practice

    Penny- i read all of this as well.... simple thing: go to and get a free can email in your posts or post directly.....then you can have people use the rss feeds to follow your exploits...... i use one of their blogs for my website and it is great......get more exposure than just us reading here!!! add easier to navigate for us following this thread too! always good reading this though...... rob
  14. thief

    This kite

    Enjoy old-skool-goodness!!!
  15. thief

    Indoor fighter ballet

    it looks like there is a bit of weight in the nose to get the kite to glide like that...just like a F.D. Skate has the coins in its nose.... with the decoration/reinforcement it is reminiscent of a WindFire designs photon fighter/mini serendipity! Very cool!!!!!! i would love to hear more about this item as well!!!!!!!! rob