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  1. Some of this review is also posted in my Tuning Theory tutorial comments, but JB had an epiphany when he posted 1/6/2016: "It's commonly acknowledged that nearly all styles of Rev show increased control with extended leaders on the top lines".  For ten years I've been an intermittent very casual quad flyer but retirement has given me the time to "clean up my act" by equalizing lines (they really were a mess), updating old snag type handles, replacing original Revolution handle leaders with these Pro Leaders, adding two new technology kites (Phoenix, Djinn), and rewatching several KiteLife basic tutorials. These extended Pro Leaders offer you the option of a "brake heavy" setting although I experienced this  as much better balance between forward and reverse. This absolutely brought my two new kites to life. I have always had trouble with reverse, and with the new leaders and tuning, the kites are much better "balanced" and have so much better reverse. While this is not about the kites per se,  there is a difference. The Djinn is the most responsive (sensitive to input) of the nine quads in my bag, and tuning really makes a huge difference with the Djinn performance in my inexperienced hands. I am sure all my other kites will have more balance and better reverse as well. If you are not happy with your kite, especially balance and reverse, consider these leaders and retuning!

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