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  1. I never got this kite. It was snapped up pretty quickly on EBAY. Being a poor man, I gotta go super used and super cheap. I did get to try out a 1.5 sle but the wind was too light to keep it from nosing over. It probably wasn't set up right anyway. I have flown a few quads now including a nice RWB 1.5 SLE and a F2K and they both flew nicely. I will get a nice b series vented one of these days for beach fun. Ray
  2. Congratulations Dale! Lucky skydog! Ray
  3. A kite and a t shirt! I am ready to hear that sweet notification!
  4. I own the Skydog Thunderstruck. I would love to have a bigger and more capable stunter from them! I guess tomorrow is my lucky day then! Ray
  5. Congratulations Stuart! Ray
  6. That looks like a nice big stunter and the purple is nice! Need to make room in the kitecar for this one! Ray
  7. Yet another reason for me to get an actual kite bag.... There are so many coming in this month!
  8. Perhaps your whining mojo is not strong. You might need lessons....yeah, thats the ticket.... Ray
  9. Wishes he was flying a kite on the beach right now.

  10. I had the genius penchant for green first. I need a reason to obtain a kite bag too! This would give me that reason!
  11. If you do that for me, I can promise you three things. It will be flown three days a week minimum, if I cannot get the hang of. It I will bestow to whom ever you wish, and I will tell you if this is the case. How's that? Of course since I am going to win this should not be a problem! I will still keep those promises! Ray
  12. I will have to arrange a trip down to South Padre next January. I look forward to it. The videos were somewhat informative. I may go ask them for another shot at it. Even with your movements being descreibed, some sort of POV graphic showing the handle movements in real slo mo might help. Do you have any recovery tips when the Rev starts falling forward and planing? Ray
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