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  1. Wanted to know what are the ten kites I should own to cover different wind conditions? So far I own: 1) Parafoil Rainbow Tecmo Premiere, 2) Sure Fly Easy Flier, 3) New Tech Double Vision 72 inch Delta. I have a couple of kids, and usually their friends as well as their parents wish to fly. I wanted to buy more kites as I expect to loose some and usually have more people than kites with us. I am not too price sensitive, would rather have a quality kite than something that will not perform well and end up tossed. So if someone could provide their top ten of all favorites kites that I should purchase to cover different wind conditionsI would be grateful? I would consider maybe one or 2 beginner stunt kites. Also what accessories do people find helpful or worthwhile? Thank you for your suggestions. Phil from Manhattan
  2. What solutions exist for carrying around kites. For example we have several 5 foot delta kites and I find my kids are always loosing parts. I was thinking there may be gun bags or some similar sports bag that would work. I hate the idea of carrying around a gun bag (especially given I live in Manhattan), but was wondering what other people use to transport their deltas. Thanks for any ideas and also contact details of store or web site where I can get one. Phil
  3. New to kiting and was wondering what resources (onlne, print, etc.) pople use? Are there any periodicals (books or magazines, or newsletter)? What are the most popular web sites (blogs, news, resources for building kids kites) exist. Are there any FAQ for Kite? Thanks for sharing your sources. Best Phil (Manhattan)