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  1. I will be there saturday but no other days unfortunately
  2. That looks like a really cool kite! Do you think the 2.6 would be the best size as i way 218 lbs. I was also looking at maybe trying to fly with my skis in the winter
  3. Im on a tight budget and was looking to just really fly it on the beach and feel it drag me around. Thats why a big dual line i thought would appeal to me.
  4. Hi, as i have a found a job now I have been looking at different kites and have been interested in power kite. I was looking at some bit dual lines like the hq cougar but was wondering what someone would recommend.
  5. Racer76g


    Thank you guys so much, hoping for good winds this week or maybe going to grand haven to the beach to do some flying. Maybe i will go buy a dogstake to try it.
  6. Racer76g


    I have seen videos and heard people talking about dogstaking and was wondering if anyone could explain to me what it really was? Is it fun, easy, what do I need. Just looking for some general info on dogstaking.
  7. Racer76g


  8. Okay, will do. Will a 3 wrap frame work or do i need something stronger, cause all i have is a 3 wrap and race frame.
  9. ok, thank you. will try that
  10. I have one other question, between a b-pro and a 1.5 sle, which kite should go in front?
  11. Thank you, I will be looking into getting some stacking lines. It seems like a lot of fun to do.
  12. Hi, i was wondering if when you buy stacking lines, could you take them on and off or must they stay on the kite all the time. Also, would it be possible if you can take the stack lines off could you pair a b-pro with a 1.5 sle
  13. Is there any chance I could find out my number?
  14. I think i should win this one as the 10th is my last day of school!!!
  15. I believe he is talking about the knots in the line on the handles. You adjust where the lines are to get more or less "brake"
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