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  1. Windependent

    Bird Droppings--styrofoam plate birds.

    Bird Droppings--styrofoam plate birds. I want to do "bird droppings". Does anybody know who invented them? At the Seaside convention in 2004 there was a guy doing what he called "Bird Droppings". I think he was at Dayton too. The birds were cut out of a single styrofoam plate each. They had a small nail taped at the beak for weight. About 20 of these birds were sandwiched between 2 frisbees held together with a rubber band. The frisbee sandwich was thrown straight up, the rubber band popped open and a cloud of birds would gently sail down. I think I can replicate the birds, but I would like to give credit where it is richly deserved for this delightful effect. Mary [at]
  2. Windependent