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  1. Is this something you would be interested in?? Aug. 3rd and 4th tentative dates.

    Ok quads, I want a quad clinic on the east coast. JB said to get 5-6+ and we can talk dates. Who's up for some real time!? I'm in Ga. Ill drive wherever. FL, NC, SC, MS, AL? Let's start talking..

  2. I know the attachments aren't quite serving the purpose you all are speaking about, but they may help in memorizing terminology. JST-4-FN-team-standaard-English-1.000.pdf Revolution-Mega-Fly-Figures-v1d.pdf
  3. Rick, Check out Kites In The Sky. They have kite kits which might be good as you can get a boat load cheap. You can also have the folks in your organization decorate them!. Most of the kites are 5mph+, however there are two that are listed at 3+: The Butterfly and ZiggZaggy https://kitekits.com/collections/intermediate-kite-kits I believe the person who's company this is is a KiteLife member, I don't remember who it is.
  4. This is possibly a very timely prize. I was looking for a particular B2 that none of the numerous stores I spoke with had. I called Rev to see if they had one. With all the changes with Rev's line-up over the past 6 months I asked about the future of the B2 . She said the B2's future will be discussed in a meeting this month. The B2 might not be around too much longer.
  5. I just PMd you the tracking number Elmo. Enjoy the line set. You are up. you are in the Karma Drawing Commander's Chair now!
  6. @elmo264, you are the winner!!!! Please PM me your address and which of the two items is of your choosing. Congratulations Elmo
  7. Very good, we have four in. Be back in a few after I hit up random.org!
  8. Yes, of course there are vultures out there. However I don't believe the community here at Kitelife has that environment. It appears Roxy is new here so she may not be aware of this. If she posts pics of the kites and views the replies before responding to possible pm/messages of interested people, it would be highly unlikely for her to get a deal going with a vulture. To uncloud all the replies Roxy and make things simpler for you, post the pics. The people here would me more than willing to help and then you could decide how much to offer the kites for.
  9. Awwww man, great odds as of this point! A week to go. The drawing will be in the evening.
  10. That's great Acrop . That's pretty cool that was on your want list and here it is!
  11. I put the new Karma drawing post up and it is awaiting moderator approval.
  12. Thanks again to @drdemonx for the incredible Karma prize of the Supersonic. My Karma offering is your choice of one of the two following items: 1. An unopened spool of 50 pound 300 yards of Laser Pro Gold with an unopened Shanti sleeving kit: called a "Spleever " 2. The unopened line kit from a B2. It included handles, 90 pound 80 feet Laser Pro Gold quad lineset, and a Rev Kites B-Series DVD3. - The handles are 11.5 inches with the tape measure conforming to the shape of the handles, and they are 10 inches tip to tip in a straight line. I am also opening th
  13. WOW, how incredibly great. Thank you so much drdemonx! The Supersonic please. I'll PM you my address. Mark, thanks for the info. I do have a Shockwave and am familiar with the Speed Series. It was actually my first full size Rev.
  14. They are both from Rev's "Speed" series. The Shockwave is designed for power and speed. Clocked at over 70mph. The Supersonic is pretty much the same as the Shockwave with less pull and a b it more nimble; per Rev's info. I've never flown a Supersonic, but my Shockwave has some decent pull in a decent wind. The pull isn't ridiculous. I'm in.
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