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    Prism Eclipse Front

    I love the flow of the leading edge; especially the bow of the leading edge near the trailing edge. It kinda reminds me of Pterodactyl wings a bit.
  2. Hey Rob, Would you be interested in a Prism Eclipse? I have no idea on the year but it's been a while. It's in mint condition. I can't find any info on it on the web, however from looking at images, this one has the same panel layout (mine has different colors, darker) and the caption says SUL. I'll post a pic of mine if your curiosity is there: http://kite.org/kitetalk/index.php?/gallery/image/815-sule1a/ Your B2 is the exact scheme of my B-Std and also would look great with my other blue B2s.
  3. Good stuff Gustavo! Here's the vid from the link in Gustavo's post:
  4. What does that mean Scott, for use as a motor?
  5. Hey Frank, I've had a couple of quad foils and saw a Tensor in flight last year. I am not 100% but believe most foils won't turn as you wish them to. One exception from what I've read and vids I've seen is the Spiderkites Smithi. It's smaller than the Tensor 3.1 and may be a bit elusive to find here in the states. If you are interested in it, possibly a U.S. Spiderkites distributor can order one for you. http://www.spiderkites-shop.de/epages/62502321.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62502321/Products/SK-Smithi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvBWWLXAvco
  6. There are couple options for you to get everything from one place. Most of the shops previously mentioned can get whatever you need even of they don't have it in stock. I've dealt with A Wind Of Change and Kite Connection; both are great shops. My experience with A Wind Of Change is that it's best to call them rather than e-mail. Beyond that, it's quite possible some shops have repair items on hand that aren't on their web site. My opinion it's best to deal with a shop (support small business), but you can also get everything you need directly from Rev.
  7. For sure video from the kite's perspective is great. Where this setup stands apart is that with the goggles and your cell, you are seeing what the kites sees as you're flying. It would definitely add a new dimension to flying as you aren't seeing the kite from 30-120 feet away... you're in the "cockpit".
  8. PowerUp Toys: they have a Bluetooth controlled motor with a prop for paper airplanes; fly a paper airplane controlled by your cell phone. Cool stuff. In November, they're launching a FPV paper airplane rig. I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to gut the mechanism by stripping off the props and housing and attaching it to a kite. It's kind of hard to tell from the video, but I think it'd be fairly light weight. http://fpv.poweruptoys.com/?mc_cid=506d381d56&mc_eid=ca2100c23f 3.0 Video:
  9. LOL, my photography skills pale in comparison. That dude, Ken, was there on Saturday and was passing out his card and shooting photos. Nice write up Hapes. Next time hopefully it'll be a better experience. Either a new Interstate battery or some air time.... better yet, both
  10. Here some pics from Saturday. The REV folks are near the bottom. https://kenbuschphotography.smugmug.com/Cleveland-Kite-Festival-2015/
  11. Con is a good guy and definitely can help you out on where to fly if you can get in touch with him. I am going to the kite fest Saturday, I'll ask Phil, the prez. of the club putting the show on what's up with Con. Phil's friends with Con. I do know he has had family health issues that wouldn't be getting better last year. There should be a handful of Rev flyers there, based on past years. Hopefully Vicky will be there from Columbus. Very cool person and a great Rev flier. Vern most likely will be there, and a dude who flies a five stack of Rev 1s; don't remember his name. Edgewater Park has a few parking areas, come in the main entrance to the parking lot right on the lake, it curves back around. In past years the Rev fliers fly toward east end of the field; in between the annoucer's tent and the boat load of single line and staked inflatable doo-dads.
  12. http://makezine.com/projects/build-kite-aerial-photography-rig/
  13. I correlate cheap kites to work boots. You can go to the discount department stores and buy a $35 pair of work boots or you can get a $125+ pair of work boots. The $35 pair won't be nearly as comfortable, their construction is very sub-par, and how long they last will be far less. For daily use of work boots, you can go spend $35 every 2-3 months when they fall apart, or you can just spend the $125 for a good pair, they'll be comfortable, and they'll last you a year or two until you need to spend $60 to have them re-soled, and then another year or two, rinse and repeat. As far as low cost but quality quad foils go, Peter Lynn designed the Cross Quattro. No frills, but flies well. I have the 1.5 and it'll pull a bit bit in 16kph/10mph. The Cross Quattro 1.5 is $140usd/$933Krone here in the U.S. for a ready to fly kit. Add about $25usd/$166Krone for each size up from the 1.5. http://www.crosskites.com/cross-quattro
  14. I think a good way to get passed sticker shock is to point out that kiting is a relatively inexpensive hobby once the kite is bought. You can get a 1.5 for $350 usd with two frames to handle a pretty decent variety of flying conditions. Short of something bizarre, you'd only need to buy a spar and some lines every now and again. Of course many of us here have a boat load more than $350 tied up in our bags, but it doesn't need to be that way to enjoy kiting. I'm not to up on duallies, but I am pretty sure you get a similar set up for less than a quad. There aren't too many hobbies out there that have the low cost after initial purchase as kiting. Actually with most hobbies, costs increase as you get farther in.
  15. That's awesome, congratulations Rob! And thanks again Scott,
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