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  1. Wow, I'm all excited, approximately 12-14 hours until RNGing.... it's like the night before a shuttle launch back in the day or maybe even the night before Christmas! Five people are in at this point, a 20% chance to win! Good karma to you all
  2. Rexracer, have you been tempted by the 1/2 darkside? The gray side I suppose ------------------------------------------------------------------- As of now there are five entrants. Pretty good odds and the RNG is getting near. I'm pretty stoked to have these great kites heading to a home where they'll be used!
  3. The link I gave above was all simple materials, bags, bamboo skewers, etc. I can see a good thread being used for the bridle, would that work for the flying line? Regardless, I am concerned if this would meet the goal of what my supervisors are looking for as far as being able to evaluate my teaching ability as opposed to them spending most of time doing the building. On the other hand this avenue would be interactive as well as having them each being able to walk away with something might be a good plus for the interview. My game plan right now is to do the REV/quad teaching. I will do a brief kite history maybe one - two minutes, show a two minute vid I put together last night showing quads in actual flight, then head over to the warehouse area and spend 10 minutes explaining laying out lines and setting up the Rev, the Joe Hadzicki teaching method, basic airflow/sail interactions, and if more time is needed to be used I'll bust out other Revs and/or my quad foil to explain the differences. I need to roll out on some errands for a couple of hours, I will ponder the glider teaching Scott. I need to get this presentation mostly completed/planned today as my work week starts tomorrow and I have long days leaving not much time to do anything when I get home from work. I appreciate your input Scott!
  4. Another forum I visit has a chat box at the top of the forum home page. There is also a link to go full page with the chat. It has it's lag times but overall it is used frequently. Check out the screen shot.
  5. I have an interview for a promotion at work on Thursday. This interview is of a different nature than most interviews. I need to teach a skill to four of my company's leadership team. I have 15 minutes to do this in a training room. The purpose of this is to show how well I can teach/train. My initial thinkings are to teach: - Flying a Rev and after thinking about it for a bit I feel that doing this without being able to actually fly a Rev would be pretty tricky. I wouldn't think a 15 minute "classroom" presentation could give a person enough info to begin to fly a Rev. Maybe I am wrong as I think I could use an area with some room next to the training room where I could lay out my 45 foot lines so I can have a 3d visual. - Flying a dually. I believe it'd be easier for the learners to understand over learning a quad. On the down side, a 15 min presentation is a long time and without be able to actually fly, a quad has more to teach to fill up the 15 minutes. I am not as versed in dually technique as quad. - Making a kite. I like this idea although I don't know if I'd be able to procure all the material and tools needed by Thursday. Actually all I am concerned about is getting the string in time, the rest is easy enough to find locally. I found some decent plans at http://www.my-best-kite.com/kite-plans.html . I am not sure having kites made will be what they will be looking for as it's more them working and not so much me teaching. I also am concerned if 15 minutes will be enough time to make a simple kite sharing tools with four people. While typing this out I got a text from who will be my direct supervisor if I were to get this position and he said I can use the area where I can lay out my 45 Rev Lines. I am thinking I'll go the Rev route. Any suggestions on a kite topic, my three options, or anything else?
  6. I don't know but assume the following will be the same for kite flying as rc plane flying; home owner's insurance will cover you. I don't know how that works but a local city park let s people fly rc there as long as they're an AMA member which has insurance for members or they have home owner's insurance. You may want to check that avenue.
  7. - B std - II - Shockwave - I - Prism Eclipse SUL
  8. Good info Wayne, thanks for the 411! John, I was about to like your post then decided it'd be more appropriate to like it if you in'd yourself
  9. For sure on the pics/review Tmadz. Thanks everyone. I posted my drawing and it's waiting for moderator approval. I'm psyched Joanna, thanks again
  10. Here are two classic dual line kites; a Kite Co. Crystal and an Action Kites Sky Dart. Kite Co. Crystal is the red, white, and blue one. It is approximately 106 inch wing tip to tip. The sail has been repaired and some rods have been replaced. Other than the sail repair, it is in great shape and flies well. I couldn't find much info on this kite on the web but I do remember it's a graceful kite and looks tremendous when backlit by the sun. About all the info I found on it. Next is a green/black Action Kites Sky Dart. 61 inch tip to tip. Small and fast, kinda like a two line version of the Rev B2. The sail is in great shape and a few rods have been replaced. An extremely fun flier for certain! Info on page 5. Flight manual. via Google docs. One winner will get both kites. These are classic early 90's stunt kites and haven't seen flight time in over a decade. Both kites come with sleeves. - Simply state in your post "I'm in" and your drawing number will be assigned in the order you say "I'm in". - If you're the winner, return the favor by starting your own karma drawing by putting up a kite related item of any value. - No location restrictions for this drawing. If you're a KL member, feel free to enter although any crazy shipping taxes or anything will be your responsibility. If required it will be stated as a gift on the shipping invoice. I have no familiarity with international shipping; once I pay for shipping it's outta my hands. - Drawing date will be Sunday, November 10th, 2013 when I wake up or thereabouts. Karma drawing rules and guidelines ADD- If the winner of the drawing is a Kitelife "Official Subscriber" at the time of the RNG (11/10/13), I will throw in a bonus that will be disclosed after the winner is RNGed. If you aren't already a KL subscriber, you can do so here. Entrants: 1. Nick Russell 2. bbailey49 3. oldcaptainrusty 4. Tmadz - winner winner winner! Please check your PM's Tmadz. 5. JoesPickles 6. elmo264 . . . .
  11. Very cool, thank you so much Joanna. I can't wait to get this in the air! Depending on when I get home from work tonight, I'll do my best to get my drawing rolling. Thanks again Joanna.
  12. I added two more vids to the first post. That's all
  13. It was a great day yesterday, I got a bunch of flying in, met Lee Sedgwick as well as a handful of people I haven't seen/flown with in MANY years, and met a bunch of really cool people. The Windjammer Stunt Team from the Detroit, Mi. area was there and they were fun to watch. The wind was right at the edge of comfort for me with the 1.5B with race rods and the three wrap tucked in as well. I flew it for a while early as well as the guy who sold me the kite. He verified as I assumed in my unskilled flying with the B, it's the user and not the equipment, the B is set up just fine. I then busted out the II and as always, I love flying the II. A handful of experienced Rev flyers also flew the II and each of them chuckled when they were flying it.... it's a fun kite for sure. I was chatting with a dual line flier that never flew a quad. I had my Cross Quattro 1.5 out at the time and his initial apprehension also turned to smiles on his face after a few minutes with it as his comfort with the quad increased. With his skill on the dually I wasn't concerned with his flying the foil in higher winds. This truly is a wonderful quad foil at a very decent price. I picked it up this past spring and yesterday was the third time I've flown it. First time in higher winds; 12+. It does well 6+ but of course a bit slow and tame. At 12+, it was a blast to fly. I'm glad I picked this up to replace the Quadrifoil 3 I sold. NO way I would've pulled that out in yesterdays wind. I had the opportunity to fly one of Vicki's B full vent..... WOW, that is a smoooooooth flier. Thanks Vicki! She returned your hello JB. I added a vid of Lee Sedgwick in the first post!
  14. I am going down again tomorrow John. I'll tell her you said hey.
  15. I was at The Cleveland Kite Festival today and a bunch of Rev people had an unplanned group fly in between scheduled events. Nothing spectacular, just some fun quad flying https://vimeo.com/74023376 Here is Lee Sedgwick flying his YFO; https://vimeo.com/74127037 The Windjammers Performance kite team: https://vimeo.com/74159460 Another Rev group fly. Not all of the people in the previous vid, but I got their faces in this vid John. https://vimeo.com/74156873
  16. Congratulations Mark! That's a nice kite for sure. To start your karma drawing, start a new thread in the Karma Drawings category: 1. http://kitelife.com/forum/forum/158-karma-drawings/ 2. Put in the title the word karma, the end date, the prize 3. Put the guidelines of your drawing such as how you'll number people's entries. Some have used the post number (upper right of each post here at KL) of the entrants "I'm in" post and some like JB did simply went in order of the people saying "I'm in" regardless of post number. Here is the Rules and Guidelines thread from the inception of the wonderful Karma Drawings idea: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5426-rules-and-guidelines-please-read/ If I may make the suggestion of reading the first few posts of each karma drawing thread, you'll get the idea of how to roll with your drawing. I'm sure JB will lock down this thread soon, then pin your thread when you get it going.
  17. Double B, The reason I am not entering this drawing is the former. I have had my Karma prize selected from the inception and no it certainly doesn't one up the past two drawings.... I am okay with that. I just need to get selected for a drawing I enter Thanks for bringing this up as well Double B. I believe it's something that people need to be reminded of, this all is not about one upping!
  18. Hey Mike, I am not familiar with the Masterpiece. As for the difference between the B Pro and Standard, the Pro is hand sewn by iQuad's Bazzer and the standard is made by machines. From what I've read is that the Pro is more precise and has a few additions to help out the sail as far as stress points. I am not 100% but think I remember reading the material might be different (better) on the Pro; again, I may be mistaken on that. An analogy would be the pro v. standard would be like getting a tailored suit v. one off the rack. Another ditty I've read is that unless you have a fair amount of time and are proficient flying Rev's, you won't know/appreciate the difference between the Pro and standard. Pretty much tying into what Rob stated above.
  19. Hey Nick...... what'd you do with JB? Let him go, lol
  20. Hey Donald, I see you found the "What's my subscriber number" thread. John will respond to your question I am certain. I've also been a member just a few months longer than you and haven't won anything. I'm cool with it, as the motivation for me subscribing is to help Kitelife. For all the info/help this community has given me. as well as the very cool people here, the annual subscription fee is a small cost. Of course everyone's thoughts vary (although I don't understand why everyone doesn't think like me ) Good luck Donald, the vented B would definitely be a nice addition to anyone's bag!
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