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  1. Send it on over to Raul and don't sweat it JB! Although if you aren't settled with that, I like Reef Runner's B2s for everyone plan...LOL
  2. I haven't spent much time at GWTW although I did sell a kite there a few weeks back. In my time there I got the jist of Steve's situation. I donated a percentage of the sale price to GWTW and received a very nice e-mail from Steve. That was very cool. I most certainly hope all works out for him.
  3. Congratulation Raul, enjoy!
  4. Haha JB, I also learned (or more accurate: my first handful of Rev flights) was on a 1. I had my Chevy Cavalier so it was between '89 and '91. It was a friend of mine and he never really grooved on the quads. When I see him every now and again I always try to talk him into selling me his 1. Even though his Rev hasn't seen daylight in probably over a decade, he'll never give it up....lol I really enjoy reading this thread; it has helped me make a decision on which Rev to get next. I cannot get in the groove of most of the tutorial vids with my B std/full. After reading all the replies, I believe my next one will be a mid-pro.
  5. Congratulations Gopal. That's a very impressive accomplishment and a very slick kite!
  6. Awesome kites. Ha ha Wayne, I looked up the Backtracker That's a sweet pic Must. Spencer, I love your vids!
  7. Thanks John. Worked like a champ. I am familiar with that procedure on vBulletin forums. Didn't catch it here.
  8. Cool John. No matter on the time to rectify it, the sponsors are easily gotten to from other pages on KL as well as a search engine. I just thought you might want to know.
  9. I just tried Chrome as well Must, same result. My Firefox and Chrome have not been altered from the default settings. Did you try going to the sponsors via the route I am having issues with?
  10. Is there a way to have images loaded to my gallery not show up in the "recent gallery images" on http://kitelife.com/forum/ ? For the two images I just uploaded for the sponsor bad link thread, I initially tried to make a new album and make it not public. I was hoping in it not being public, they wouldn't show on the forum home page. I could not uncheck the "make album public".
  11. When I am in an individual forum and try to click on the sponsors on the right side it errors out. It happens in I.E. and Firefox and in numerous different forums. Attached are the screenshots.
  12. Hasek

    Sail tightness

    Awesome Justin, the info on the Shockwave. I just sold my Quadrifoil 3 and am kinda sad about it. I sold it because with the pull, it isn't fun to fly for me as it was when I got it many many moons ago. I do like pull so reading the Shockwave pulls in higher winds may just be the pull I like. It was great seeing the Joe vid as well. I've seen another Joe vid, I don't remember if one came with the II, if one came with the Shockwave, or it may have been the same one you posted. I do remember it was on a VHS tape...lol
  13. My synapses were firing the other day and what was rolling through my mind was is there one kite that has a special meaning to you. If so, why? My collection isn't that big, I have seven kites; four duals and three Revs. Of my quads, the Rev II is my "prized piggy". I'v flown it a lot and it was my first quad. It also brings back memories of good times in learning to fly and hanging out with a buddy of mine. As for the duals, I cannot remember the last time I've flown them, although one stands out in my mind because one of the guys who used to fly at the local field made it, it flies great, and it's an beautiful design. What's your prized piggy?
  14. Hasek

    Sail tightness

    That worked like a champ Justin, thanks. I made the adjustments then headed out. Luckily the wind was too high at the place I normally fly and was able to go to a University nearby and further inland and the wind was less. I popped the Ultra Light rods in and off I went. Yeah, much better. I even got a few compliments on the kite as the team was finishing practice and walking back to the locker room. Off the top of my head I can't think of the name of the sport; 4 foot sticks with small baskets on the end. Hahaha, it's been far too long since I've heard a compliment by college aged women and never multiples at one time... I'll have to fly there more often LOL. I flew for an hour or so then the winds started to pick up some more and I bagged up the B and busted out the II. I gotta be honest, as much as I am beginning to groove on the B, I like the II flight characteristics more. Maybe because I have a boat load more time on it than the B. Regardless, I have both (and a Shockwave I haven't really flown yet) and am glad to have a bunch of awesome Revs. Here are some pics of the the kite as JB suggested, front and back angles after my bungee adjustments. I think I am gonna loosen the top ones a bit as I am nervous about the sail stretch. Edited to move pics to first post.
  15. That looks like a sweet kite Erik, enjoy!
  16. Hasek

    Sail tightness

    Cool Justin, thanks for the info. I have watched JB's tuning vid numerous times just as I've watched all the tutorial vids. As far as the lower verticals are concerned, I understand they should look like nubs rather than antenna while the sail is fully loaded. Would that equate to just having the cap extended, maybe a touch more?
  17. I was able to fly my B standard today. I equalized my lines and that fixed a fluttering issue I was having on one side. The right upper line was easily 5 inches longer than the lower. The left side lower was about 2 inches longer than the R, and the L upper was about 3 inches longer. Thanks to JB's equalization vid I was able to get them all good. It took a while as I am not great with knots, but it all went well, I launched after the equalization and the kite flew better but still some things I need to figure out. I had some noise flying on the 3rd knot from the end of the leader and the inside knot on the lower. I moved to the 2cnd knot and that minimized the noise.. The Rev is still a bit twitchy and it seems to want to go slight right on launch. I was flying black race rods in 6-10 mph winds. A couple of times my leading edge met the ground one or both of the LE spar caps popped off. The lower verticals possibly stick out an inch or two more than in the first pic below. I was on 120 foot lines and it was a bit difficult to determine exactly how far the verts were sticking out I hope these pics can help with the sail tightness question. I am believing the bungees may need tightening based on some info from JB. The pics below were taken in 4-6 mph winds. Thank you Edited to swap pics around.
  18. I'm going to be down in Melbourne August 27th through Sept 3rd. Where's good to fly, anyone have a time they usually fly down there? Sat. the 1st is tied up for me, but should be open most any other time.
  19. I am wondering what all your thoughts are about this. This situation didn't occur involving kites, but certainly has the same issues/implacations. I went to the local state park where the large majority of kite flying is in my metropolis. There is a large main field with a parking lot on each end. There is another smaller field which is not used too much except when rugby or some other team sport plays or practices there. A few hundred feet away from where I parked there were three guys flying electric remote control planes. One of these guys was a hot dog flyer, one was unskilled, and the other guy was good and pretty much flying high which would avoid most any possible problems. The hot dog guy was doing 15 foot fly by's over the one parking lot, and maybe 25 feet fly by's over the other parking lot at the opposite end of the field. This is a pretty busy park with families having picnics, sunbathers lying in the field, bicyclists and joggers using the path around the perimeter of the field, kids romping around, etc. I started flying electric RC planes last summer. There are many variables that can cause a crash for even experienced pilots; dumb thumbs on the remote, bad gust of wind, radio transmitter glitches (they were using old tech radios), etc. These guys could have been flying at the other field. I was there about 15 minutes shaking my head the whole time, and then decided to leave. I have been pondering this for a few days, and thought of the same responsibilities we have as kite fliers. The first stunt kite I ever flew was a Team Hawaiian. For those of you who aren't familiar with that kite, it was a big heavy kite. I was flying it one day and it was windy, I hit some guy in the head with it. I wasn't trying to be cute or hot dogging, I just wasn't skilled in flying at that point. Of course that doesn't let me off the hook for my poor flying. Man did I feel horrible, fortunately he was okay. Back to the RC planes; I didn't know how to handle that situation. I get kind of intense and direct in conversations of this nature, so I felt it best not to approach them. What do you all do in these situations when this type of thing happens with other kite fliers you encounter? I am hardly a "Johnny By The Book", but one thing I am very conscious of since I grew up, is that my actions don't mess other people up.
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