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  1. Odysse 5 made by Sonja Graichen of Kinetic Art Kites. They are aparently about to on sale this summer. More details at https://kinetic-art-kites.jimdofree.com/deutsch/onlineshop/vierleiner/ in German I am afraid. She has been making and selling very good wind powered bubble making machines for a few years now.
  2. The original Rev 1s (first known as Neos Omega) had a different bridle that required the flying lines to be of different lengths so if you buy it you might have to put extensions on the bridle connection points, which were aluminium rings so that the lines could be attached by clips. There was a wooden kiteline winder. I also believe that the original Rev 1s had external aluminium ferules in the leading edge rather than internal ferules and were 4-wrap. The sails were made of carrington nylon. The endcaps were aluminium. Later Rev 1s had a bridle that was designed for equal length flying
  3. I seem to recall that my early vintage EXPs came with plain rods or rods with EXP stickers on them. They were all 3 wraps whether they were plain with no labels or labelled EXP. Unfortunately my EXPs are in storage so I am unable to check or provide photos. Cheers Stephen
  4. Hi There, Not sure if this is of use. I remembered seeing this video several years ago and was surprised at the speed that the loose kites went away over the sea and the skill of the recovery team. A flock of Crow kites had their line cut and flew out to sea, only to be rescued by the skillful action nearby fighter kite team. Kite Rescue 2016 Dieppe An explanation of what happened by Andrew Beattie "This is fairly cool but I need to explain. The guy in the red jacket was flying a"flock" of bird kites. A single main line with many smaller lines tied along it, each
  5. Hi there, I think that you will find that the HQ Quad Piggy was designed by Jan Houtermanns. Jan also had close connections with the Fly High kite shop in Vienna. Fly High published a version of Jan's Kite on their website (sadly defunct along with the shop) but it is still available at kiteplans.org https://www.kiteplans.org/planos/saubau/saubau.html Just in case you need any ideas. I believe that HQ used a few designs that had been published getting the designer to make a few changes to facilitate mass production of commercual kites. The Bowkite springs to mind. ht
  6. Bill Lancashire over on Fractured Axel wrote a series of articles on the Benson Phantoms. Here are the links to the full set of forum threads that he wrote on the Phantom history: 1.The Early Years (1989 - 1990) 2.The Highflyers Era (1990 - 1992) 3.The 'Original' Benson Phantom (1991 - 95) 4.The Phantom Elite (1995 - Present) Note the picture near the bottom of page 1 on the Highflyers Era which has the same panel layout as yours and is also without the Highflyers label. You could always contact Tim Benson himself. Hope this helps. Cheers Stephen
  7. Hi Mark, Welcome to kite flying. Especially around the 1:23 region. But usually the stand offs would be installed with the bend going away from the kite. Also and http://www.invento-h..._review_KaF.pdf although it is in German. You might consider using an elastic band and larks head one end to the stand off and the other end to the lower spreader so that if it comes loose after a heavy landing it does not fly off and get lost. Cheers Stephen
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