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  1. Caller Stephen

    Can You Help ID This Kite

    Bill Lancashire over on Fractured Axel wrote a series of articles on the Benson Phantoms. Here are the links to the full set of forum threads that he wrote on the Phantom history: 1.The Early Years (1989 - 1990) 2.The Highflyers Era (1990 - 1992) 3.The 'Original' Benson Phantom (1991 - 95) 4.The Phantom Elite (1995 - Present) Note the picture near the bottom of page 1 on the Highflyers Era which has the same panel layout as yours and is also without the Highflyers label. You could always contact Tim Benson himself. Hope this helps. Cheers Stephen
  2. Caller Stephen

    New HQ Yukon for xmas! A question or two...

    Hi Mark, Welcome to kite flying. Especially around the 1:23 region. But usually the stand offs would be installed with the bend going away from the kite. Also and http://www.invento-h..._review_KaF.pdf although it is in German. You might consider using an elastic band and larks head one end to the stand off and the other end to the lower spreader so that if it comes loose after a heavy landing it does not fly off and get lost. Cheers Stephen
  3. Caller Stephen

    Caller Stephen