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  1. OOOooooH! What a wonderful surprise for the spanish pilots and the Revoclinic Gandía 2012 ! But, what a pity, unfortunately I have to work (althoug I´m glad for work) that weekend, 3 and 4 March 2012. I went to the last Gandía clinic and it was an extremely good experience for me. I hope you can go there!!!
  2. Hello, again, from Spain! stroke survivor: Thank you very for your help and for "calling" John Barresi John Barresi: Thank you very much for your quick response and for the explanation of the structure of your wonderful design. Yes, yes, that answered my question!!! Now I understand the idea about "the pressure and wind flow to specific areas of the trailing edge". Then, I´m going to fly and fly my new red Kymera in the capricious wind here in Madrid. Thank you again John Barresi for your generosity!!! Cristina
  3. Hello from Spain! After years enjoying visiting this forum I would like to present myself. I live in Spain and I fly dual and quad line kites, also the Urban ninja single line. I´m always trying to learn to improve my skills and Kitelife helps me a lot. Thank you very much for your work!!! Recently I have bought a wonderful Kymera kite from kiteparts.net. I have only fly the kite once and I like it a lot .... but I´m not sure about the tension of the sail. I would like to know if is it normal or not that the sail is so loose after the assembly. Here I show some little videos of my kite where you can see the sail after the assembly of the kite following the John Barresi tutorial. Vídeo0002.movVídeo0004.mov Thank you very very much!!! Regards Cristina
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