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  1. 13 days 'til WSIKF!!! (Washington State International Kite Festival)

  2. Congrats to you and your family! I'll go with my youngest's birthday: Dec. 18th, 1:30 PM rk PS: I didn't see anything in your rules about a deadline for guessses. I hope this isn't too late...
  3. Hmmmmm Maybe it's a setting in that fine browser that I'm using (Internet Exploder 6). The zoom 'slide bar' works okay but if I try to click (left or right) on someone's 'pin' and select 'Navigate: Zoom In', it initially zooms in and then immediately redirects to the Forum. I don't think it used to do this but I'm not positive it didn't. Either way, it's NBD (no big deal).
  4. John, How come it kicks me out (back to the Forum) when I try to zoom in on someone's (mine in this case) location? Ed
  5. But, but... Most guys with bols only have one or two. I have three and getting all three going at once is a pretty kewl sight... E this is getting a little too , can we just revisit "slap spank the monkey" instead of this? pleeeeease...
  6. ouch! No it certainly doesn't but talk about making me ROFL! Good one! E
  7. And here I was just tryin' to generate a little revenue for Team iQuad. 45% ? not 50% ? ? ? ~ ed ~
  8. If I can get Theresa to make me up some 120's in time for WSIKF, what would you recommend for my 1.5 Vented? 90# or 150#? Did someone say that one of the requirements for the quad mega fly was that each participant must be wearing at least one piece of iQuad apparel? (t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, etc...) ~ no Monkey, I don't think a thong would quadify! ~
  9. Wait a minute, you once said you were semi-retired. You got a looooong ways until you're even close to retirement age! (Okay, there's 56 of em. One extra for good measure!) See you at WSIKF? or maybe at the Windchasers Un-Festival on Labor Day weekend? Ed
  10. Already have em! (100' length, me know nothing about 120' 'til I visit iQuad website) Yep, I'm be there for all but the final day (Sun. 8/27). I'm afraid I may not qualify for the mega quad fly for the following reasons: 1. All my quad linesets (50, 90, 150, and 150/90 #) are 100' in length. I'm guessing you will all be flying 120s? 2. I probably don't have near the control (yet) to fly in a group that is that "insanely" (sic) large. And most importantly: 3. I've never flown with a monkey before. Does he go ape if you screw up?
  11. Since there doesn't seem to be much of a response, maybe I'll give it a try if... You could recommend a particular freeware PNG Image Editor that I could download (W2K: work or XP: home)? Thanks, Ed
  12. Okay, I received the 2 wrap frameset yesterday! (thnx. Theresa!) I don't know, it doesn't seem a whole lot lighter than the 4 wrap frameset I ordered it with. We'lllllllll see.... R.K.
  13. How 'bout an airborne stick figure hanging on for dear life on the back side of a (Crown) Bol: BOLENGRUVEN (or would that be "Bolgruven"?) Probably not enough interest out there, but it would be pretty kewl.... Ed
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