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  1. I measured my lines today, they are about 42' long. I dont know about their weight. I also have a prism Jazz, its lines are 65' long #80
  2. Hi guys, sorry i was unable to pull the kite out today and see what my lines were. How can i tell what weight they are? Iv been looking for a decent place to fly, the only pretty parks here are completely sheltered by trees, and the ones that arnt are made out of really jagged rocks and such. There is one park in the middle of a golfcourse that is decent, only issue there being that the wind shifts directions every few minutes. Tomorrow i will hopefully have a chance to grab my lines and such. Thanks for your interest.
  3. My areas have terrible wind, i know that already.. its hilly at best. I dont know my line length, but they are shorter lines i think, i will measure them when i can. Typically either the kite does not fly, or when i pull it it flies up to the top of the window. If the wind dies itll float back to the ground. Ill find out more about my lines tomorrow for you. Sorry, im new to kiting, so i probably sound kind of dumb . I got this kite a year or two ago and iv flown it as much as possible.. its just the wind here will rage at 15 then be still withen minutes and i hardly find good days.
  4. I own the silverfox 2.5 Ultralight, and i have seen many videos of people flying this kite is such slow weather that lakes dont have ripples on them or anything. I dont see them walking around very much, or trying to run with it. However, when i try to fly the kit, unless there is enough wind to take it up (which is like.. 5+mph i would bet) i cant keep it off the ground. But with wind like that this kite starts buzzing and is just uncontrolable. Any tips or places i can go to figure out how to fly this thing in little to no wind like its meant for?
  5. Must 86: Thanks very much! I remember these videos, i couldnt remember from where. I really enjoy watching them. And yes we do hava speed limit.. its 75. Sadly, my toyota wont go that fast up hill. =) Im going to try to go kite flying early midday, as it becomes choppy in the evening. Chiko
  6. Edge of the window huh? Iv been trying to trick directly down wind. I also live in montana... its more mountains here than fields and beaches... MAkes a constent wind hard to find. (less i drive like 40 miles). My problem with the edge of the window is how to i get the kite to fly like ^ in the edge of the window instead of like < or > ? My tricks are more to the extent of i yank a line and run toward it and hopefully recover before i hit the ground. =) I have been watching the prism video.. its kind of like "here is an example... do it" I understand how to do the tricks, im just not understanding what wind i should be attempting to do tricks in =( I saw that video! Thats one of the reasons i bought the SF. I love my kite, i really do. I want to fly her to her best but im kind of by myself up here, so i feel like im pioneering the sport instead of learning how to do it. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Hello again, Its been a while since iv been here. I bought myself a Silverfox ultralight some time ago and iv been trying to fly it. I still cant figure out the wind though. Should i have enough wind so that the kite flies freely, or do i need the wind to be just enough to hold it up? When i try to tricks the kite usually darts around half way though and i have to chase it just to keep it from lawn darting. But when i try lighter winds i cant even keep her in the air. When i watch videos of people doing tricks their kites seem to just stay in the sky right where they have them.. mine always flies up or sideways. Tips or leads to a website with videos and such would be helpful! Thanks Chikokishi
  8. Hah, thanks Kent! I happen to be the guy that just got a Silverfox a few weeks ago, Raylynn. Its good to see you on here too! Ok, when the wind comes back ill try it again. Its been dead calm for three days. And snowing. Thanks everyone!
  9. Yeah, when i try to go from flare to fade my kite almost does a pop up like when it is on the ground facing away from you and you jerk the lines. I like mamas videos, they are great.
  10. Hey, it's me again. So iv been out flying and having a lot of fun with my SF. I am having issues with the flare-->fade transition. Ill flare it, but everytime i try to flip her over to a fade, instead my kite just darts up into the sky. It never just rolls overs like it is supposed to. Is my timing off? Pulling too long? all the fade videos i see seem to be doing exactly what i do.
  11. A hah. I think iv figured it out. But id still like to know if i have done it right. Chiko
  12. Hi, me again! I just received my Silver fox 2.5 UL today! How do i put it together?!?!? My jazz had a simple bungee cord wing tension system, this one has some sort of line tying system that i think i got right...? My jazz had 3 lines and a hook for the bridal, this one has 3 lines plus some line in the middle thats not doing anything plus a really long cord on the front...?
  13. I love the rainbow QP! Thanks for the video! Iv been told by many that the JAZZ is not for tricking, Yet i have also been told by many who OWN a JAZZ that they are great trickers if you know what your are doing. Im going to learn on my SF2.5UL, and then break out the JAZZ on windier days. Ill take videos if i can!
  14. I have heard 2 or 3 times about the owner (?) of Prism flying a JAZZ kite at a kite festival and doing amazing tricks with it. I would like to know if someone got video of this? It would be amazing to see. Chikokishi
  15. That video and this one (for the STD) And this one almost made me get the AcrobatX, But i had many people say that the extra 30 or 40$ for the SF 2.5 was worth it. Its over a foot wider. The only reason i did not get a standard is because i live in a valley with no large bodies of water or fields. So the wind here is very touch and go, and when its nice its really really light. Chikokishi
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