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  1. You're going to have a stack done in no time!
  2. I have tried flying a Kaiju on 75' lines as an experiment. One of the festivals I go to, there is next to no wind in the morning and the advertised start time of the festival is usually a little before the wind picks up. So, I was experimenting with what I could fly a routine with in those conditions. Given that I only had 90# line, the 75' lines created a lot of drag. The kite itself was rather floaty, but I could not control it very well because I would lose "tension" in the lines. They were too long (and heavy) so they felt too spongy. Granted, the wind was also not coming from a steady direction, so the kite would get pushed around in ways I didn't want it to and I couldn't give it the direct inputs I wanted to. 50# line probably would have helped, but it's still a lot of length to drag around for a kite that you don't want so much wind that it pulls hard enough. Can it be flown outside on 75' lines? Yes. Will it help a beginner be less frustrated? Not likely.
  3. Ooohhh, I'm drooling now. A little bummed that there's only one purple now, so a good purple fade is not possible anymore. But, I found inspiration elsewhere. Anyone recognize it?
  4. Ooooh, I really like this one, especially when backlit. It's my favorite of all your diamonds so far. Any chance you'd sell it? (And yes, I've still been lurking on this forum, just not posting much lately. Logged in just to come comment on this.)
  5. What....is....that??? Unusual shape. Cool graphics. Edit: Oops, didn't see the title until after I posted the comment. A bit awkward using this site on my phone. Then I tried to edit and it didn't work on my phone. If you're reading this, then editing worked on my computer.
  6. Welcome! I occasionally fly in Berkeley, usually when there's some event. You've probably heard of the Berkeley Kite Festival that happens in July. The Bay Area Sport Kite League also has a few events there. I fly at Shoreline park in Mountain View more often (although I haven't been flying much lately, other than at events). There are a number of regulars at Shoreline, some of whom are also on this forum.
  7. @CaCondor, welcome to the dark side. Glad you were inspired by the Berkeley Kite Festival, and perfect timing on your post. The Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL) is doing a Learn to Fly workshop this Saturday Aug. 11 at Cesar Chavez Park a.k.a. the Berkeley Marina (where the kite festival was). We'll be happy to help you get that quad kite on some lines and off the ground. No kite yet? No problem. We've got a few you can fly. Some of us who were flying quad demos at the festival will be there on Saturday. Maybe you'll get to meet and learn from the very person who made an impression at the festival. We'll be there from 10am to 3pm-ish. Come for the whole day or drop by when you can. No set schedule; we help people as you show up.
  8. Wow! Would love to see some closeups of the artwork. I remember reading your post when you started the project.
  9. I'm in. Wouldn't mind having a kite I can share with new fliers without worry.
  10. dragonfish


    Color names don't always seem to be well defined for the purples. Some seem to have multiple common names. I took a picture of Eliot's color sample sheet for purple/pink when I visited to have a reference for deciding the colors for my mesh. There are some with scribbled out names and another name next to it. I'm not going to post it because I don't know if he wants it on the internet. According to this sheet, the dark one is plum and the light one is grape (has lavender scratched out, but I feel it's commonly referred to as lavender anyway). The one that's a bit more red looks more like berry to me, but there's also a color called wine, so it could be that. I'm not sure what the two purples with rectangular grids are; Eliot's sheet doesn't have rectangular grids. Also, the two look the same to me over the computer, and seem pretty close to the current color called purple. Plum is pretty dark, but you can definitely tell it's not black without being backlit. The 3 purples in my Revs (and probably most Revs with a purple fade) are plum, purple, and grape. I can't wait to see what riffclown comes up with too.
  11. Well, I just found out that the field we use at Martinez is currently or soon to be under construction. Leaving this info here so you don't waste your time trying to go there in the near future. Not sure when it will reopen.
  12. Thanks @DavidB. Hopefully I won't need it, but always good to have a backup plan.
  13. @happysuperbutton Cool. Haven't seen you in a while. Be aware parking is metered even on Saturday. Nice try @makatakam, but I'm keeping this one. It's a B-Pro custom colors and part of a matched set. Unobtanium.
  14. Yea, Berkeley vs inland is going to be quite a difference. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with your area to give you flying location recommendations. I will say the Bay Area Sport Kite League is having an event at the Martinez Marina on June 16. We use the field adjacent to and north of the softball fields. Don't know if that's the field you tried. Don't remember seeing dog poop everywhere on that field, but the winds are not great. We will also be at Crissy Field this Saturday if you feel like making the trek all the way to SF. There should be several dual line fliers you can talk to to get ideas on what kite you might want to get.
  15. Welcome to Kitelife. It will be hard to get one kite that satisfies all wind conditions. That is why we end up with multiple. The good news is we are moving in to the windier part of the year in the bay area, so inland should have some wind, unless you are trying to fly in some city park surrounded by trees/houses. Then it will be hard. (Or if you're talking really inland east bay, then I don't know) I'm afraid I don't have any additional suggestions besides what you've already received (I saw your other thread too). The Kymera sounds like a good deal. Shipping probably won't be Amazon prime fast, but I can't imagine it taking terribly long. What part of the bay area are you in? Do you primarily fly at Berkeley? Do you know about the kite flying area at Shoreline in Mountain View?
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