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  2. There's only about 26 hours left to bid on this beautiful banner. I just thought I would mention that this could easily retail for over $300.....so for the price it's at now is a down right steal! Chris
  3. What I use is a 4 ft length of .5" rebar. I place a segment of slit heavy duty vinyl tubing where the base of the pole rests at ground level, and another piece at the top of the rebar (that actually overhangs the to of the rebar allowing the vinyl tubing to flex). This helps reduce potential for stress fractures in the pole as well as wear as it prevents the inside of the pole from rubbing against the steel rebar. Thanks for the bid BTW... Chris Clark
  4. Hi all, I recently completed a beautiful ground display banner, and must unfortunately part with it (need the money). Take a look... US Flag Vertical flowing tail banner - ebay listing There's only about 2 1/2 days left... no bids yet. This thing is a steal at $100 Chris Clark
  5. Hey John, don't know if you have picked a song yet, but earlier you had mentioned Queen...have you listened to the theme song to Flash Gordon lately? Has potential...I think. Also was wondering if you care for any of the celtic fiddle music, or riverdance stuff (eg. Lord of the Dance soundtrack). Some are very dramatic with great tempo shifts. Later Chris
  6. Just a couple more to check out From the Rush Hour soundtrack War [what is it good for] also Check out Joe Satriani, especcially "Surfing With The Alien"
  7. Here's an idea...song just came up on my itunes playing in the background... Meatloaf "Bat out of Hell" - title track long song but has the qualities you are looking for and can be trimmed down considerably without destroying it...maybe... Chris
  8. You could check into something from the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack, there are a couple songs on there I have considered using myself in the future. I had also considered "Putting on the Ritz"...just need Tuxedo Rev for it to really look right Chris
  9. Thanks Ant Man, I just started flying quad line the middle of last summer, so my quad collection was started with the kite shown. I just added a Rev II, that I picked up from our kite club auction this weekend...and hope to be adding a B-series to my bag soon. Chris
  10. I would like to start off by saying great coverage of the KTAI event John, speaking for myself I really enjoy your reports and appreciate the effort you put forth to bring the rest of us such good inside info. Nowwwww, I would like to make a couple comments about this B-Series 1.5... WWWWOOOOOWWWW!!!! Ok I new from the concept sketches that it was going to look sharp but man, It looks a 1000% better realized. I think REV has a winning package with this kite and it is one that I think you can be proud to put your name on! Oh yeah, those logos look sweet too. I do like that red sail...very nice. Later Chris
  11. Yeah, but the world is a far more interesting place with us wacky people in it. Chris
  12. This is one I would definately like to have added to my bag! Chris
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