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  1. This one will be mine ! (BTW : "Hello John !" ;-) ) Guy
  2. I guess you are buying *one* BIG shoe ? Good job John ! ;-)
  3. idem John ! (Yes, "Ghost" movie reference ) I hope we will be able to meet again soon !
  4. I *want* the T-Shirt of my hero ! nota bene : please do not wash it before sending ;-) Guy
  5. Houraaaa she is back on land ! ;-) Very interesting video for my purpose, thanks a lot DeafThunder :-) Cheers, Guy
  6. @vnkite : thank you very much for this video showing the kite you talk about. :-)
  7. Ok, thank you very much for the link, John "Papa" Barresi ! ;-) So, to say, the best matching for me at the moment regarding my special R&D seems to be the Paralift. Cheers, Guy
  8. Hi vnkite, and thank you very much for your advice, but I do not know this "Trilobite" kite, so please could you send a link showing one ?
  9. Hi folks & John my hero ! " B-Series STD Package (5/25/15)" Ouch, too late ! Hoping this will help ;-) Guy
  10. Hi friends, Don't worry kite-and-friends, I'm in France and I have found the french distributor : http://catalogue.icare-distribution.com/index.php/paralift.html Bes wishes, Guy
  11. Very interesting "kite-and-friends", thank you very much for this information ! Could you tell where you bought it please ? Best Regards, Guy
  12. Not sure to be able to continue (some health problems) but you will find the way I done there : www.velalae.com My best thought, Guy
  13. Hey RobB, Thanks a lot for your answer, and yes thanks so much for this good way for my investigations :-) I guessed PowerSleds was the right answer - the best ratio power/size for lifting - and you confirm these thoughts :-) Best Regards, Guy
  14. Hello all, I need a lifter with very big power and very good stability. What is the single line kite model which will be able to respond to my need ? (with the best ratio size/power of course) Thank you very much for your sharing of experiences. Cordially, Guy
  15. Congrats AAron, for sure it is a mistake from our 40 old kitegeek, but it is the game, anyway, congratulations ! ;-) :-P
  16. Cool, I would love this flames lifter sled !
  17. Thanks a lot John, as I was afraid, I did not understood as well as I should... Well, anyway my friend, thanks for the link !
  18. Thanks for your advice John, always listened as it deserves ;-) But as a French native speaker, if I think I understand what you mean both Paul and you saying "cored lines" or "dacron sheath OVER the spectra lines (called "hi-test" bridle line)", alas I do not find these lines in Europe easily... Maybe you could send me some links (even USA ones) of some online shops selling these kind of lines or even some descriptions online of their respective makers, so I can search the same kind of lines here in France ? Anyway, thank you very much (again) for your time ! Best Regards, Guy
  19. Many thanks to all for your advices ! See you later, Guy
  20. Hello Mark, Thanks a lot, but I do not understand as well as I should : do you mean you use Spectra as "bridles" and not only as "lines" ? (to answer you : I'm planning to bridle a self made very special single line prototype) My Best, Guy
  21. Hi Bill, Thanks a lot for your answer. I understand you use Climax Dacron Lines as bridles ? Is that right ? Best Regards, Guy
  22. Hello folks, What about "the materials of the perfect bridle ?" I am looking for what material to use to make my bridles perfect : light, strong, cheap, and especially that does not become entangled, never ! I guess something like small dyneema or something else can do the job, but I guess kite making world already knows something perfect. Do you have an idea of what material meets this specification, and where can I find it ? Thanks a lot for your time reading me, and your help if you can do ! Best Regards, Guy
  23. YES it is ! Thank you very much Hadge ! Next step : to find it to buy it online Cordially, Guy
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