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  1. rendermaniac

    Zen (1/25/11)

    Why did I put an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence? I know why....cos I'm super excited about Revs!
  2. rendermaniac

    Zen (1/25/11)

    Just got my first Rev for birthday! A B-series! All I can say is WOW! my hat goes off to you John for making Rev flying look oh so easy! Lightish winds didn't help me today that's for sure! Now I want that Zen even more!
  3. rendermaniac

    Zen (1/25/11)

    Wowowow! The drooling has begun! So much so I think I need to replace my keyboard... This is awesome! Can't wait to see who wins Thanks again John! Cheers, Tim
  4. rendermaniac

    10' Inflatable Airplane (12/27/10)

    This looks awesome! Thanks for all the great resources John! Whilst watching youtube I fell in love with Revolution Kites whilst watching your stuff, and I knew I had to turn to the "dark side". I'm almost sure I'm getting a B-Series for my birthday in January, but will just have to wait and see Well this is my first post...maybe the RNG will favour me???