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  1. Damn Eric, that's got to be one of the best looking kites I've seen! I love the looks of the Ichiban and that color combination is fantastic! I might have to get Ken to make me one to match it.
  2. Welcome! Went to school in WIlson back in the early 80's, LOTS of memories from there. Live in Gatesville now, travel to the Outer Banks often and to Atlantic Beach/Emerald Isle whenever I can.
  3. Tim P.


    Eric, I got one of Steve's full sized vented Enigmas, flew it in ~15-16 mph the other week. A LOT more comfortable to fly than a regular standard, lol. I need to be on the lookout for some more vented duals. Maybe I need to save for a bit and have a talk with a certain someone up north... Hoping to see you soon, if I can swing the trip to Corolla. I still have ear plugs!
  4. VERY nice Rob, I think it's my favorite of yours I've seen yet!
  5. Tim P.


    Contact Into The Wind for replacement parts, I lost the tail weight off my original Kymera and they sent a couple more out to me. They asked when I was on the phone with them if it was the tail weight or the barrel weights.
  6. This past summer I decided to get a "beater" kite to use when introducing new flyers to the fun. I wanted something relatively inexpensive and tough with parts readily available, but yet flew well and predictably in a pretty good range of wind. I've flown a Widow NG before and really liked it, I think it's a tremendous kite for the money. It was more than I wanted to put into this project though, I wanted to keep it around $120 or less if possible. I had high expectations for the KHK Skyscraper since it seems like a simple rebranding of the Widow NG. I flew one that Kitty Hawk Kites had as demo model and was a bit disappointed. Now I don't know if the bridle settings were as stock or if someone had tweaked them, but I didn't particularly like how it felt. It felt sluggish and mushy and seemed to flex way more than I liked. I also wasn't sure how much of a beating it could take before a break. Not too big of a deal, but I wanted something that felt a bit more durable. I love my Widowmaker Pros and really liked the Widow NGs I've had a chance to fly and I recommend them often, but didn't feel good about the KHK Skyscraper, which surprised me. And don't really know why. Just was my unqualified opinion, other opinions may vary.
  7. We use these at work sometimes, making holes in gasket materials. It should work for making holes for you. Just use some wood or a cutting board under the material. https://www.mainethread.com/index.php/tools/arch-punches/product/7-arch-punches
  8. Tim P.

    Best Wishes

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And for those that don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have the happiest of holidays as well!
  9. Tim P.


    Careful in higher winds, I broke an inner wing spine, the upright with the center tee that the outer cross spar runs through. Standard frame, 16-18 mph winds, closer to the edge of the window than the center. Was too much wind, but couldn't resist trying out the new toy. Was fun for a few minutes! Now have to wait on spares, but needed to order other stuff anyway.
  10. Would love some dual work here. Quads....okay, sure, that too.
  11. Those Mirages are your color John, nice to have in the bag for when the wind is too much for anything else. And you want to ZOOOOM!
  12. I'm in! Thanks for putting up this tremendous offering!
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