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  1. Wayne Dowler

    New Kite

    I believe that is a George Peter's Sky Bird. Sold by ITW? Gorgeous sail!!
  2. Wayne Dowler

    New Kite

    I fly quads mostly, dualies at times. But I started with dual line and kept going. Took an enforced break for a couple years, then got back into flying. Group flying really got my attention, but it took a while to regain my hand, eye coordination needed. Then I joined a team of quad fliers. That brought my game up. Then I learned indoor flying, brought my game up more. Then I joined a second team!! Biggest thing I got out of it?? Confidence!! Found something I could still do and do well !!! That keeps bringing me back!!!
  3. Wayne Dowler

    New Kite

    Flying is only learned by putting that kite in the air! Yes it is nice to know the whys and whats, but learning to fly requires just that - flying! Got a saying here - Time on the lines!! Can't substitute anything for the experience gained while flying. As a survivor of a stroke, I know this to be so true!! Gotta get that thing out there!!!!
  4. Wayne Dowler

    New Kite

    Ya'll are way, way overthinking this!!! Fly the thing!!!! Messing around with everything - grumble, mutter, BLEEP!! 😜
  5. Wayne Dowler

    New Kite

    Normal. The design was to fill those baggy areas with air during lulls, and therefore keep flying. Also it will be noticeably louder than some kites. I'm sure JB will jump in with info after decompressing from his Japan trip.
  6. Wayne Dowler

    Buying large swivels

    Sorry - not a big SLK guy, but your question on swivels is really about quality. Boat anchor swivels are not made to anywhere near the tolerances of mountaineering or industrial use. Even fishing has levels of quality - best is SS ball bearing swivels. It really comes down to use and safety.
  7. Wayne Dowler

    kite line selection

    Braided dacron is more than sufficient for single line use. Dyneema is overkill, better in dual line or quads. I didn't know they still made kevlar line. Never use around others. Always use a higher rated strength line if in any doubt.
  8. Wayne Dowler

    Welcome LookuPLars

    A Wind of Change moved to Salt Lake City. I don't know if other stores are still in the area.
  9. Wayne Dowler

    How To Clean Your Kite.

    Rinse under low pressure hose. Can be setup or brokedown. Make sure to get bridles well. Air dry. Dunk whole lineset (winder and all, no handles) in a bucket of water. Don't scrub unless absolutely needed.
  10. Wayne Dowler

    First look!

    Special it is, but I can wait for - the Djinndor! 😄
  11. Wayne Dowler

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Have to see it, can't picture it. But metal rubbing on bridle line can cause failure - maybe. Figured it out - you drilled through both sides. Any wear will occur at the hole where the leader exits. Maybe the vinyl cap will keep it from rubbing and wearing.
  12. Wayne Dowler

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Now that is sound advice right there!!! Something for light, medium, and strong. Then after, get what you find to your liking, But a basic quiver has its place.
  13. Wayne Dowler

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Got a feeling you'll still get wear from that hole, no matter how smooth. But we'll see .... By the way - what did you larkshead to?
  14. Wayne Dowler

    Looking for some rev advice

    80 - 85' will be fine for solo flight. If you have any desire to fly with others - plan on getting a set of 120', all in 90# or 100#. Just remember - the shorter the line, the smaller your wind window is. And in almost all cases, take the time to check the lines for evenness. Put all 4 lines on one stake, pull them evenly and compare lengths. Most will need adjusting. Then check again after a few flights to see if things have changed. Do not trust that "New lines are equal"!! You can defeat the Reflex technology by removing the springs or getting another set of verticals without it. Then you can decide on how you like it set up. If there is one piece of advice I give - Learn to "GIVE to the Kite!!". Counter intuitive I know, but pulling just drives the sail into the ground that much harder! Learn to let the kite crash. Even step forward. It takes all the power out of the sail. Much better to walk down and straighten things up, than to find a broken kite!! GIVE!!
  15. Wayne Dowler

    Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Just don't have happen what JB had done to him years ago at a clinic. He was playing with some kids. One had a stick !!!! Goodbye center panel!!!!! OWCHIE!!