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  1. Wayne Dowler

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

  2. Wayne Dowler

    B-Series MID Package (1/1/19)

    Djinns? Kaijus? Djinndors?? Possibilities seem endless!!
  3. Wayne Dowler

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Bada bing!!
  4. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    Kite is still reasonably new on the market, problems should start to arise with it, if they are going to show at all. All we can do is wait and see.
  5. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    Several have suggested other fittings. Jon is sending different fittings as some replacements from here in the US, but not sure if any better or ? Some have suggested taping the spar, eliminating the sharp edge. We'll see if anything gets settled .....
  6. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    Got some needed FaceBook help: should find on Jens Schneider's page
  7. Wayne Dowler

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Time to get loud and wake the RNG!!!
  8. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    I don't see the pic, my computer skills are minimal, search doesn't turn up anything. I believe it was someone that is in Europe that made the post with pic of torn fitting. At Fuerteventura??
  9. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    Looking, but not finding yet. They had pic of it. Maybe not seated fully, but they stated it happened on both their std and vented models.
  10. Wayne Dowler

    4 lines... your choices

    Someone posted on FaceBook about their Fulcrum fittings tearing! Not sure if it was used in too high a wind, but some suggested different fittings that are "stronger"? Can't tell you much about them - only got to try someone else's and that at the wrong time for the kite.
  11. Wayne Dowler

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Might be even JB missed this!! Hey John - how about it??!!?? I decided to try the quiet route - not sure it will work any better, but trying anyway!
  12. Wayne Dowler

    What's up from Saudi Arabia!

    Before you put your quad set of lines out - watch JB's tutorial til you are sick off it - then watch some more!! We all have little personal twists to it, but the basics don't vary. Once you find a system that works - DO IT THE SAME WAY!!! Create a habit by doing it the same - everytime!!
  13. Wayne Dowler

    Diamonds Squared

    Even smaller that Watty's "Y" shapes!! He made a bunch of them and connected them, but left empty space for venting. Let me see if I can find an image to post.
  14. Wayne Dowler

    Long Island Kiters? I'm new.

    Comes down to purpose I guess. Small light sticks might be OK on indoor gliders and maybe single line kites (SLKs), depending on size of kite. The bigger the kite gets, it puts more force on all the frame members. Small will break. As was stated, there are better materials to fabricate a kite. Fiberglass, solid carbon rods, hollow carbon spars, etc all make a more consistent product for size and flex. Wood has inherent flaws and can break at them. That said - I do have an older (late 80s) SLK that uses wooden spars for both the spine and leading edges (LE). Cheap to replace,( 5/16" and a full 36 or 40" long) but subject to taking a set, depending on humidity. I've thought about replacing them with some more modern materials.
  15. Wayne Dowler

    Stunt kite for beginner

    That's certainly something you want to consider. As a new pilot, you will have some unexpected, unplanned meetings with Mother Earth. Your kite needs to be robust enough to survive them. On the flip side - it also should have the ability to handle some beginning tricks. That way you don't outgrow it too soon. And that depends on what you expect from your own flying. Are you satisfied with just tooling around the sky or wanting to become a trick master? That should play into your decision......! As you have read - many favor the Quantum as a good beginner kite. It is strong and can survive the learning curve, plus it does most of the tricks. In a beginner's hands, it does take a decent wind, but light wind flying is not the place to start anyway. No fun trying to keep a kite aloft AND learn how the controls work. And it comes with decent lines! Some of the cheap stuff comes with crap lines, they stretch while turning and you loose control easily. No matter what you decide - get good lines!