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  1. Glad meet you also. Or maybe it was remeet? Anyway, riff probably has more info on those SkySharks than I do. I know Rev, others, not so much.
  2. Sorry - no builder here. We just use what came in the kites - P series spars. Haven't been on their website to compare with anything else .... Being you build, my guess is that you would have the better idea on them!
  3. Our outdoor Phoenix kites are using P100, P300, and P400 SkyShark rods. One of our team members went with P2's once as a trial, but a piece of the LE broke. Typically P2's are used as dually frame parts, as they don't have as big a distance to span. Plus the dually designs usually don't put as big a stress on them. P90 is as light as I've seen on quads.
  4. Prism lines? Maybe not so bad then. Lines are your only connection to your kite. You can feel it, little gusts, lulls, how it reacts, better with them. Higher end lines also don't stretch as much during flight, again giving you better feel. It might not be quite as important on a foil, but you will definitely feel the difference on the framed kites. If you flew a lot on the original set - quite possible you might have nicked them and they failed due to that. Or they may have just simply worn out. I have older lines I still use today. But I'm careful to match kite and lines to my wind. Look at the lines - are they fuzzy looking? Probably fairly worn. Especially at the point the lines cross each other. Better lines use a tighter weave and handle the "crossing" . As with most things - let your budget be your guide. But try to get the best lines you can afford.
  5. If your new line set only cost $20, don't expect better from it. Lines are your only connection to the kite, do not cheap out on them. I haven't bought dualie lines in quite a while, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a $50 price tag on them. We regularly pay close to $100 per set for quads. Look for spectra lines, not dacron or polyester. Brand names are Laser Pro Gold. Skybond, or Shanti Speed.
  6. It's a bit confusing, but I'll try: Most light wind kites are smaller to save weight. Most outdoor sails are in the 6'-7' range. You can still put very light rods in them and not overtax them. The 4D mentioned was also designed to be an indoor/outdoor kite, most all indoor kites are smaller. Mid range sails tend to be bigger - 7'-8'. You will notice a change in sparring, now you see bigger tubes for framing. The larger sail captures more wind and depending on design, can be a trick kite or precision kite or a little of both. High wind kites get smaller again, but keep the heavier sparring. They are very robustly built and because you have higher wind, don't need as much sail area as the medium wind kites. Reasonable??
  7. That is one of the older versions by the paneling. I still fly mine, it's the last generation, with rounded panels.
  8. By the amount of comments on this - should win this easily!!! :}
  9. See pix of your kites pretty regularly from Mr. Chilese's camera on FaceBook! Glad you're here!
  10. One opinion - don't "cheap out" on lines! They are your only connection to the kite! Kite line is expensive for a reason - it is made specifically for flying. Their are certain properties kite line has, that other stuff doesn't. Buy the best lines you can afford!
  11. You may meet Terry Rowley and Sandy Letson down there sometimes. They are my teammates on the Quad Squad North West! They are from Albany. Depending on what the weather is and schedules of the team, they go to that area to fly often. Not sure that is the exact beach, but might be. I'll ask this weekend. With 2 of us on the team here in Portland, it's usually Lincoln City or the beach behind the airport, that are convenient places to fly.
  12. Howdy! Festivals up here are Lincoln City and WSIKF (Long Beach, WA, week long) for sure. Not sure on when Rockaway will happen (if at all). Got some stuff farther north - Ocean Shores WA., Whidbey Island, WA.) or some stuff south ((CA). You will find fliers scattered all over the coast, just got to hook up with some to be there when they are. You'll find them at Newport, Rockaway, Lincoln City, Seaside, Long Beach, ....! One good source is the Portland Area Kite Flyers page on FaceBook. You'll find a link to the Region 10 calendar there. Pretty comprehensive listing of what is available in the OR, WA region. There are some special events though, like the grid clinic just held in Long Beach. Here in Portland, we either fly at Broughton Beach behind the airport (PDX) or on the coast at Lincoln City behind the casino hotel. PS: there is an indoor fest at Lincoln City this weekend at the Taft High School!! May be some don't go indoors and fly outdoors instead! Anyway, if you are on FB, feel free to us the PAKF page to ask around for company!
  13. Been to a grid clinic, so have been "radio silent" over the weekend. That sail is coming along nicely!! Looking good!!
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