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  1. Wayne Dowler

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    One of the biggest things is learning how little it takes to do things, not how much. Flipping the wing indicates what we call "overcontrol". Pretty easy to do starting off. Trouble removing the lines? Add little cheater pulls to the loops, makes it simple to remove lines, adjust leaders. Or if the loops are long enough, tie a knot down near the end. I'll look for a link ......Probably under mods ..... Sorry, not seeing one yet...
  2. Wayne Dowler

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    I stated this in another post, but it bears repeating. I used to fly a 3 kite quiver, based on conditions. Prism Ozone for light winds, mostly flown on 50# lines. A Flexifoil Stranger on 150# lines for medium wind. A Prism Alien for heavy winds on 90#. Why? Well the design of the kite really dictated the poundage of lines. The Stranger just overpowered lighter lines. The pull it developed seemed to put 90# line at its max all the time. So I used 150# for peace of mind. Similarly, the Alien felt really light on the line and because of the design, didn't put nearly the strain on the 90# I used. In the end I ended up with a 3 kite, 3 line sets quiver. Allowed for a mix and match situation. I could use any line on any kite - it always depended on conditions,
  3. Wayne Dowler

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

  4. Wayne Dowler

    Help Identifying Kite

    Sorry - never flown one. How many individual panels are there? I believe the finished assembly is triangular in shape - like a rack of bowling pins - 6 panels would be a row of 3, a row of 2, and one at the top. Add or subtract rows depending on # of panels.
  5. Wayne Dowler

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Premium? There are good lines and ..... not so much. Good lines aren't cheap for a reason - they are woven much tighter, resulting in less stretch and/or creep. Lines are your only connection to what you fly - your choice on how you like that to be!!
  6. Wayne Dowler

    Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    Pix!! Congrats!
  7. Wayne Dowler

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    If you are talking DLKs - there's another option - Shanti Speed line. Available through Into the Wind (ITW) in bulk or pre-made sets. Made of spectra, lasts a very long time, still not "cheap". As far as making your own sets, there is a certain satisfaction in doing it yourself. But after all the parts are figured in, it is about 2 sets for the price of one pre-made set. Depends if your time is valuable to you and if you'd rather it be done for you. Or do you have plenty of time to invest in making? Your call.....
  8. Wayne Dowler

    Low Wind

    Just wait for one to fail and get set to watch the results!!!! LOL!!!!
  9. Wayne Dowler

    Low Wind

    I understand you liking the "feel" of 50# line, but some kites create too much pull for it and you have to use heavier line. That or risk hearing "pop"!!!
  10. Wayne Dowler

    Best Way To Stake A Dual Line Kite

    Don't fly much dual line anymore, but I just leaned mine back and staked it that way. If I was going to leave it for extended time, I might try a roll up. But usually the leaned back position worked.
  11. Wayne Dowler

    Kite Bag

    With that many different kite types - I might consider a snowboard bag. Dualies are usually pretty long, unless you break down the LEs every time. So they dictate length. Revs are fairly short and narrow when rolled up. Foils are kind of odd shaped if I remember, but should fit. There are pockets inside and out for all the accessories.
  12. Wayne Dowler

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    A whole bunch of Happy Birthday!!! 🙌 🎂 🙌
  13. Wayne Dowler

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Patience grasshopper - patience. Going to the group fly is a great idea. Get some opinions on your setup and check out others too. Meeting with others can cut lots off the learning curve. Be open to listen and ask questions. On a different note - funny how different kites feel to you, isn't it? Be aware that just because a kite is labelled as UL, it may be just as heavy as someone else's STD. There is no "standard" to compare to. In general, light wind flying is a challenge for many, especially beginners. You really need a light touch and how to work with the kite, not fight it. And lots of movement! Can't fly light wind standing still!
  14. Wayne Dowler

    Bridle adjustments

    Shoelaces?? Who uses those anymore?? I like my shoes loose enough to wear like loafers!!!
  15. Wayne Dowler

    Leech line

    Good info there! I probably would use insignia tape to fix it. It was developed to number sails on boats. Take out the spine spar, flatten on a table, mark where the tape should go. Remove the backing a bit and slowly apply right up to the diamond on the sail. Roll it down well! You can trim the tape to match the shape if you like. Measure the distance across to get the right width tape. You want to completely cover the stitching and sail tears. I think you can find it in 1", 2" and 4" widths. Theresa at the Kite Shoppe carries it. I've made my own wear strips for my quads using it.