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  1. Wayne, kids did urban with John today. They incorporated some indoor moves and lots of footwork they learned from you. Cardin even pulled the indoor kite out and practiced the throw. And Dylan can catch 6 out of 10 on a 30 foot line. Are you planning to fly somewhere this Tuesday?

    1. Wayne Dowler

      Wayne Dowler

      Might be? All depends on weather and winds! Will call you as the day gets closer!

  2. I'm looking into doing a 4-hour INDOOR CLINIC here in Portland on either Nov 12th or 13th (Sat or Sun).

    Not sure if I can get the space yet, but if so, we'd be looking at a max of six students and $25 registration. If I can pull this together, anyone interested? Must have at least 4 committed before I can go ahead.

    Topics - dual line, quad line, whatever floats your boat, I can try to help!

    Location - North Portland

  3. TK's family is a-ok, thanks go out to all who sent messages and emails.

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