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  1. A couple of things to learn and be good at:

    Speed control - that fast, slow, fast thing is good. Being able to slow it down or speed it up - on command! Develops that "control" we all want.

    Straight lines - You maybe aren't in an area of team flying, but - learn to fly straight lines anyway. Pick out something on the horizon and try keeping nice, level flight, in any attitude (inverted, backwards, etc). Learn to do 180* turns with no loss of altitude. (If you do fly team, you'll see the advantage to learning this!)

    Hovers - Learn them in any and every orientation. Again, all about that control we look for! (and again in team, think of those positions on a ball - everyone faces different issues, depending on where they are in that ball!)

    Remember that "give to the kite"? Better to go and straighten things up, than to go down and find broken spars (or worse)!!

    And remember longer lines give you more time to react - bigger window!

    So you see how all of this is good for solo flying and much bleeds over to team flying!

  2. 15 meter lines? I'm guessing some one made those up. You would actually learn better(?) on the 25 meter lines. Gives you more time to react to what the kite does. Surprisingly the most breakage I've seen is that the verticals blow out! Usually in too much wind. For unplanned landings try this trick - if the kite is going to crash - let it! Learn to "give to the kite", take steps forward, throw your arms out. DO NOT PULL! Pulling only drives the kite faster into the ground!

  3. pretty sure it is made from Icarex, not nylon. They went back and forth between materials. Should be a history on the Rev site from John Mitchell on all about Revs from beginning to about 2010. Good reading for those so inclined!

  4.  My guess is one of 2 things - 1. it's from Dave at the Kite connection, He has ordered so much stuff from Rev that they do make mids for him to sell through his shop. 2.- it's a special request. Throw enough money in Rev's direction and they will make darn near anything.

    The mid in an SLE is not a common thing for sale everywhere.

  5. I'd still be watching how those wheels react in different conditions! I see you had made another wooden version before - how comfortable was it? Did it flex at all? I'm pretty sure with the tubing used on store-bought buggies, it's almost like some extra suspension, having the tubing give here and there. The wood looks pretty stiff with no allowance for taking up any of the shock caused by bouncing around over whatever surface you'll use. 

  6. Street flying is very hard on gear anyway. Blew out an original diamond (first run) right at the point where the ferrule ended. Had about 2" still on the ferrule and the rest - trashed. Now my diamonds only fly at the beach with the rest of my team on SULs!! It'd need to be pretty bad to use them in any other situation.

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