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  1. Thanks Windofchange and Rob!! Great advice. Just what I was looking for. Clear and concise. Now all that is left is for me to practice, and practice and even more practice!! And as you pointed out, windofchange, there'll be no excuse for blaming the kite!!! -Des (edit: Just found this link http://www.aerostarsportkites.com/flying_tips.htm which describes a step by step approach in agreement with your own. )
  2. Hi folks, I've just moved over from the power kiting world (bought a Level One JJF) and am keen to start learning those cool looking tricks I've seen on YouTube and such. I've checked out Randyg's and Eolo's video collections. I'm very impressed. But where do I start?? Which are the least complex tricks in your opinion? As I'll be mostly self-teaching I want to start off gradually, gaining confidence as I go, rather than getting completely fustrated with some trick that I souldn't have been attempting anyway. Thanks in advance Des
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