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  1. varennes this weekend, will you be there ?

  2. Hi, The ice buggying was horrible, I tried blades, skis and tried to combine both with no success. Next season my buddy and I will try to figure out the best way to do it. My next project is to kite kayak..... I live on the south shore of montreal in Quebec. just clik on Member map
  3. By overboard I ment the thickness of the material, front fork and rear axle are 2X2X1/8, a bit to heavy... torque flex is a rotary rubber suspension check it out http://www.lovejoy-inc.com/products/rubber-suspension/ I am preparing the buggy for ice, with skates, I guess it will zoom pretty fast on blue ice. I'll let you know if I survive....
  4. Hi all, I used the X-Ray buggy plan as a base and modified a few things. The buggy is 58 inches wide by 62 inches long and is built like a tank, i went overboard on the materials, all stainless 316. I have drawings of the mods if anyone is interested. Right now I have pansh kites, until I can acquire better and safer kites, I would love to get a go with a revolution power blaster...... My next one will be made of aluminium with a torque flex suspension and possibly rear pivoting wheels !!!! for realy sharp turns.....
  5. This my first buggy, I would like your comments ! positive or negative Thank you
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