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  1. hyzakite

    Prism trick dvd

    So, can I finally put away that dvd that was requested?
  2. hyzakite

    Welcome Koobecaf Uoykcuf

    To me, flying at night works out ok until the full moon passes, luckily the full moon is now again, fly in the day light is much nicer!
  3. hyzakite

    black replacement protector on Reflex vertical

    I didn't realize there was a story behind each picture, the black end cap replacing the green one picture, I didn't realize they was add-on pieces, a few questions. 1. Why was the vinyl caps added? 2. Why and what is on the spring piece that looks black compared to the shiny part of the spring? 3. If the spring has a vinyl type coating to prevent wear on the rod which is what it looks like, is the vinyl of the spring rubbing on the added vinyl cap going to cause a sluggish reaction compared to the springs original purpose? 4. Is it a vertical rod? 5. Would a small metal band around the rod in the same spot serve the same purpose only in a smoother action, if it is in fact added to prevent wear on the rod?
  4. hyzakite

    Prism trick dvd

    I found a Flight School with Dodd Gross dvd case by new tech kites. When I looked inside the case the dvd is called Freestyle Pilot from Prism copyright 2003 if that means anything. I never viewed it, don't know or care what's on it.
  5. hyzakite

    black replacement protector on Reflex vertical

    He's just showing the steps, remove old put hole in vinyl end cap place over rod and spring. next step do other rod. My question is how are you making the hole in the end cap? Hole punch I bet, I would use a hole punch now that I recently found out about them. Maybe 100 end caps is overkill. Where did the end caps come from, I bought mine from McMaster-Carr.
  6. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    I remember read about the p20 and p31 online somewhere that mentioned the different weights and also talked with Andy about the p20 not really been tested on kites as far as long term and is a time will tell type material. If I was to get one it would be the lightest one with the T0 frame and never put it back in its sleeve until I sold it. Probably the best is to remove the LE and lightly fold the fabric enough to toss in the car's largest unused place, across the back seat or along the width of the trunk with one light fold in the middle so it really isn't a fold. Don't let other people make you believe a quad kite needs to be put in a sleeve to get from the house to the flying area. Don't let other people make you believe you need to carry 18 kites down to the beach in a kite bag just to fly 1 kite for most of the day.
  7. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    Interesting, OSKUSA is Ocean Shores Kites. I have pictures of the Vertigo with the holes across the leading edge which is exclusive to OSK. The center panel is printed Freilein // OSKUSA. There is only a few in, so far.
  8. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    Don't worry about the crease marks, if the kite is overflown for the sails material, it'll crease over the area that doesn't crease. If you want something that isn't creased, buy a Tuxedo or a Boeing Dreamliner.
  9. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    The type of mesh is on the Freilein / OSKUSA kites only, as far as I'm aware of, which is Dacron. The kites are labeled as Freilein / OSKUSA I believe the rod pockets are a bit smaller also. It's a store thing, not available at other stores. I have a few kites with that type of leading edge from years ago, but different holes. http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u280/flt101/KITE REV TYPE/003_zpsjbhclfhn.jpg
  10. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    I was simply referring to the post about a kite that has been abused for years, I know the past posts about the kite. Nothing to do with off the showroom floor. But in all fairness if something broke on your Freilein and you tried to contact the company, what kind of response do you thing you would get from them? What's there address? what's there phone number? what's there email? Why should you expect anything more from the Revolution factory? That's why there is dealers/stores. Where is Freileins forum? Revs forum was for the rev fliers not for Revs people to answer all the topics and posts, they never did as far as I remember, well except for Ben. I know nothing about bazzer's phoenix or freilein's exodus as a result public feedback that rev ignored. Yes I have plenty of non-green trimmed rods, and even 5 green trimmed rods, but the last time I had a rod break was when a friend closed my car door on it about 5 years ago. As far as the dealers considering alternatives, is profit! It's against the law here in the USA to hire children to work in a kite factory for 8 hours for a lousy cup of rice! As far as feedback on green trim rods being ignored, how would anyone know if it was ignored or not unless someone at the rev factory actually said we ignored the feedback, and if they was to say we ignored the feedback, then the feedback wasn't really ignored, now was it?
  11. hyzakite

    4 lines... your choices

    I'll probably be flying the revs I have for the rest of my life. One thing I won't do is fly one in 30 to 40mph winds and expect it to last. And I won't carry a bowling ball in a plastic grocery bag and expect it to last. But if the kite failed, I wouldn't call the company for repairs, if my car failed I wouldn't call the factory that did the final assembly, if my LG tv fails I wouldn't call the factory that built it, if a kid threw a baseball throw my window I wouldn't call united plate glass company. Call the place where you bought it! If I was to buy a Freilein kite, and this is only an if. And if something was to go wrong with it, and I called the factory in China, and there was no reply or I couldn't understand what they was saying, I guess I should write them off! But I probably wouldn't write them off because the children working all day in the factory for a little extra money so their family won't go without food that day, knowing that I helped that kid buy a teaspoon of rice by making about $5 worth of kite would make me feel good! Oh, my car needs an oil change, I use Shell oil, so I better call there headquarters in Netherlands. If you fly a kite with there name on it. you are supporting them by advertising for them!
  12. hyzakite

    NC Quad Clinic (Sep 10-11, 2016)

    Well, my idea was to make it easy for anyone to get a kite at the spur of the moment, I guess it's ok to go to the brick and mortar shop between 10am and 5pm on Saturday during lessons, or between 10am and 3pm on Sunday during lessons, or even on Friday before they close at 5pm. I would truly believe in brick and mortar kite shops if I knew of one 100mi, 200mi, even 300mi from me.