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  1. Oof! Learned a lesson today about keeping a eye on your timeline!

  2. Heck, I'd almost forgotten about that one! Been struggling with jacob's ladder combos for Virtual freestyle. Realized just how slow and shaky they are! Anyway i was looking for a place to try water flying without embarrasing the heck out of myself. Pretty much a nice quiet spot with space to fly both off the dock and the small beach there. It's only drawback it it sits in kind of a hole so the wind isn't perfect. See ya around one these days! JeremyF
  3. Well I hate to say this but... I'm not gonna be able to make it this year. Got shanghaied by family commitments.
  4. Too short for VF21. Too many good tricks to send to the recycle bin. Enjoy!
  5. Have you ever checked out Randyg's sportkite blog tutorials on you tube? He puts the kite into a very slight turtle before the upper wing "pop". I don't know if it's necessary but I have a lot of respect for the tutorials because it's where I learned almost all my tricks.
  6. Name: Letting Go Category: Trick / Freestyle Date Added: 02 November 2011 - 03:52 PM Submitter: jeremyf Short Description: Tricks, Tricks, Tricks View Video == NOTE: This is an embedded video from one of the video sharing web sites (i.e. YouTube) and may not be the submitter's original creation, as videos are often shared or posted (embedded) due to popularity... To see the original uploader of the video, just click the logo (i.e. YouTube) in the corner of the video while it's playing.
  7. Honestly, the Fractured Axel tutorial sounds complicated. All I do is fly horizontally: give slack to the bottom line and a quick wrist snap "pop" to the top line. Get used to "popping the top line hand automatically so you can focus on the slack with the off hand. Try visualizing it at home for best results.
  8. Man this has been a weird thread! From crashing Wayne's computer twice to commentary on my hands this one has given me a chuckle or two. Honestly though you should've seen my flying 2 of 3 years back it was pretty sad to watch. Thanks everybody! Jeremyf
  9. Lincoln City says you can fly kites year round on the beaches there. Who Knew!?!

  10. Went back to youtube and shortened the video to 2:02 hopefully this works (cross your fingers!)
  11. Sorry bout that! I can at least go back and fix the you tube video and maybe that'll solve the problem!!
  12. I've been working on the video editing thing for about a year now and I think I'm starting to get it. Enjoy!
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