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  1. I've made winders of this sort up to 36 inches long. Each wrap pulls six feet of line out of the sky. Rather than a notch, I make a deep (3-4 inches) "U" at each end. I also carve a long dip out of one side, opposite the hand cut-out; this makes room for my normal figure-8 winding as well as making an easy visual reference to make sure I let line off from the same side I wound it on from. (Keeps from getting twists in the line.) Rather than a notch for tying off the line for flying, I cast a couple of half-hitches on one of the horns (along-side of one of the "U"s). I make the big ones out of
  2. --Pete

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    Coming up on three years without smoking. At the rate i was spending money when I quit smoking, I've saved well over $35,000 (but spent maybe $3000 on vaping equipment and materials). That's a lot of money available for kites and kite travel. I feel better; I can taste food; I smell better - in both senses: I can smell the world around me, and I don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I like my nicotine. It helps me concentrate, calms me, and it may be helping stave off or delay Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I don't plan to give it up. One thing: if I can't vape for a few hours, the discomfort is
  3. Not saying the drone flyer was blameless, but that he was arrested on a bogus charge.
  4. If you read the comments, the NYPD copter was chasing the drone, not the other way round. So who is to blame there? [ my 'aitch" key just died this morning. I have to cut'n'paste every h from somewhere else on the page. Arrgh! ] The police were chasing the drone, because the drone flyer was doing something potentially catastrophic to anyone flying in that airspace, not to mention the danger to someone getting hit by the drone. If a drone is dangerous to a helicopter, and a drone is dangerous to people on the ground, then how can the NYPD pilot justify risking the 'copter by bringing it close
  5. If you read the comments, the NYPD copter was chasing the drone, not the other way round. So who is to blame there? [ my 'aitch" key just died this morning. I have to cut'n'paste every h from somewhere else on the page. Arrgh! ]
  6. Kevlar™ (Du Pont) is particularly subject to UV degradation. Leaving it in direct sunlight (or fluorescent light) for any length of time will drastically weaken it.
  7. Plymouth Twp, MI (stop 30) is just a few miles from here (spare room, hot showers, and we'll take you out for a good Italian dinner).
  8. Adventure! Now's the time to do it.
  9. --Pete

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    New research suggests that nicotine by itself is about as addictive as caffeine (which is addictive to some extent). It seems that there are some other alkaloids in cigarette smoke which makes the nicotine much more addictive, and much harder to quit. You might consider substituting 'tobacco smoke" or just "tobacco" for 'nicotine'. It is certainly a fact that people living where they can barely grow enough food to eat will still expend time and effort to plant and cultivate tobacco. If you are able to quit "cold turkey" and want to quit using nicotine in any form, you should do so. For a great
  10. Two suggestions: Lock it down. Most cameras have a 1/4-20 tripod mount. It would be easy to fasten the camera or the tripod and camera to something fixed or heavy (this is a time when a quick-attach plate would NOT be a good idea). A very light chain should be sufficient for this. Not secure for more than 10-15 seconds, but that might be enough with some secondary protection. This certainly wouldn't stop a determined or prepared burglar with plenty of time, but it would stop a grab-and-run thief. Put an alarm on it. For a few bucks you can get an alarm that will hang from any projection that w
  11. --Pete

    E-cigs ? Vaping ?

    There is plenty of research which says that what Vapers exhale is no threat to bystanders. I feel comfortable vaping around my grandchildren. If you are convinced that vaping is harmful to the vaper or to others, you may be parroting propaganda spread by Big Tobacco or Big Pharma. Both of those groups have billions of dollars to lose if people quit smoking, or quit trying useless cessation materials like patches, gums and candies. Get it straight - vaping is not harmful to others, anymore than wearing a nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum. The only demonstrable difference is that vaping act
  12. Might make it after our usual Wednesday night dinner out followed by a movie at home.
  13. In most cases, the App will make better use of the limited real-estate on a smartphone, unless the website can detect that it is being accessed by a smartphone and change itself to something suitable. (It is rare for a website to provide a really good smartphone version.) That said, there some really terrible Apps out there. For any given site, you should probably try both ways and see which you like best.
  14. Have you tried sending John a 'friend request' on FB? I seriously doubt that he would refuse, especially if you noted that you are 'photomom' in the forum. I expect that would be true for all members here who are also on FB. I would accept any friend request from someone who said in the accompanying message that they were 'so-and-so' on KiteLife.
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