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    Rev 1.5 SLE, JB Series, Rev I, B2, JB Night Series, Shockwave, Dyna Kites, 8-foot Delta Conyne (DC), Skydog SDT 2.8
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    Flying kites (Revolution), RC planes, hunting, fishing, biking, running, golf, riding snowmachine and ATV's.
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  1. OkinawaFlyer


    Flying my Revolution kites in Okinawa Japan.
  2. OkinawaFlyer

    REV 1.5

    Yes, I am only a few minutes from Camp Foster.
  3. OkinawaFlyer

    Rev Handles

    Thanks Baloo, Okinawa does have numerous shops that sell fishing related items. I'll definitely consider visiting those shops and see what they have.
  4. OkinawaFlyer

    Rev Handles

    Hello everyone, I need some assistance. In the past I purchased a Rev II from someone and I also received a set of 11" handles with it. I never used them because I already have another set all ready to go. Recently, I took them (handles) out of the bag and put them to use. Initially, they felt different and after looking closely, I noticed that the type of foam cushioning is different. It wasn't the normal firm foam cushioning that I am accustom to. They are very soft and after using them with my shockwave, I could feel the tubes of the handles directly with the palm of my hands through the foam cushioning. Completely different feelings all throughout the flight. Now, I don't just want to get rid of them. I am looking to see if I could purchase the correct type of foam and replace the ones that are currently on the handles as they truly feel ackward. Any ideas, thoughts, guidance from anyone. By the way, my geographical location is a challenge as I am currently located in Okinawa Japan. Thank you in advance!
  5. OkinawaFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    Congrats Pete! It's an awesome kite!
  6. OkinawaFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    I knew I should have been good this year Instead of . Hmmm! Hmmm! ...gotta go...I have a letter to write to Santa!
  7. OkinawaFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    I say 1 October to give John some time to recover and pump himself up for the drawing! On a serious note...hope you feel better soon, John! There's quite a large number of folks waiting for your speedy recovery. . . . and of course hoping that he/she is the lucky one to win the prize! Good luck everyone!
  8. OkinawaFlyer

    Crossfire (8/12/11)

    Nice looking kite. I wouldn't mind adding this one to my collection. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. OkinawaFlyer

    SDT 2.8 Power Kite (6/10/11)

    Hello everyone and thank you for all the congrats and well wishes in advance for a speedy recovery after trying this power kite. It's typhoon season here in Okinawa where the winds really pick up. On the safety side, I'll keep it locked up and only fly it when the wind is calm and not overwhelmingly strong. I am certain that I'll be seeking for some advice well in advance before I even break it open out on the field and figure out how this thing works. Again, thank you to all and to for having such a fun place to talk and meet other people who share the same interests even when you're miles away from home. Marvin