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  1. I'm In...I can really use a set of these!
  2. Good morning guys ...from random.org the winner is #1 jeepinjeepin Congratulations! Contact me with your info and I will send the Quantum your way. You can email me at lmoaks@yahoo.com Mark
  3. Hi mtgrizzly52, Your entry has been withdrawn.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the Karma! In return I am offering a Prism Quantum Complete in the original bag with lines. It is in very good condition with a few small black stains on the yellow section from the carbon rods. Quantum Specs Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate Wing Span 84" (213 cm) Wind Range 3 - 25 mph (5 - 40 kmh) Speed Moderate - Fast Pull Medium - Strong Frame Pultruded Carbon Sail Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate Flying Lines 85' x 150 lbs Spectra™ (26 m x 68 kg) The drawing will be held on the morning of October 24th. Hope this great looking kite finds a good home. So lets all ju
  5. Thanks to everyone for the karma. I will come up with the next drawing prize tomorrow. Mark
  6. Wow!!!... I can't believe I actually won something. (I never win) Anyway thanks to all. I will be looking for something to return the karma. Please let me know how to go about posting the next karma drawing. Thanks again, Mark
  7. I'm in ....I would love to win this kite
  8. I'm In... This is a great prize. I hope the karma will come my way this time.
  9. I'm in, not sure for which prize yet both sound good but I'm in
  10. I'm in ...always nice to have good tunes
  11. I'm in ... Love the colors, I hope I win this one!
  12. Yes bbailey49... my user name starts with a lower case L
  13. lmoaks

    ABS Quad

    Hi Guys, Here are a few pictures of my ABS UL. Let me say first that at best I am an advanced beginner when it comes to flying Quads. I live inland with very mixed winds so when the winds are 7-10 mph I will go out with a kite. Most of the time it takes everything I got just to keep the kite in the air with the dirty mixed winds so I don't (can't) do many tricks. All I will say is that if you like to fly quads...you have to try Lam's It's a blast to fly ...It's Awesome!!!
  14. I'm in... Thanks for the Karma Guys, I hope that I can return the karma.
  15. lmoaks


    I was trying to find out more about this kite my self but was unable to do so. I was just there taking photos.
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