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  1. JustStuff

    Castles and Kites California May 3rd

    Not sure how I missed this post a month ago. Hope that you're first kite festival was a blast. It was quite windy at Bodega Bay that Saturday and we had to keep a lot of our larger kites "in the bag". However, the strong winds didn't keep our vented Rev's from flying high. FYI, not sure if you were visiting the Bay Area or live here....nonetheless, don't forget about the Berkeley Kite Festival scheduled for the last weekend in July. It's a great festival and much larger than the Bodega Bay event. It's always a great time for all!!!
  2. JustStuff

    Karma - Kite Mug (6/14/14)

    Just to keep bb49 honest...I'm In!
  3. JustStuff

    Laser Pro Gold

    Here's my 2 cents worth ( which is now worth less than that...cause I type slow, or it wasn't worth that much in the first place) Anyway, I prefer Shanti SkyBond. Why? Simply, the lines are "slicker" thus fly smoother. If you're flying in groups, smooth, slow and precise, all are superb lines. I've flown with them all. However, if you want to bust a Rev loose in moderate winds and "fly it like you stole it", hard and fast, then go try putting 25 fast spins in one direction on LPG lines. Those puppies will "burp, squeal, and curse" at you during the whole process of putting all those tight twists in your quad lines (due to line friction). Not my SkyBonds. Then, doing the unwinds quickly will have that kite/LPG line combo fighting you the whole way. Not necessarily a bad thing...lol. Of course, like most of us here, I've got line sets from most quality manufacturers at varying lengths for different flying conditions. I just prefer SkyBond! You really can't go wrong with either line set!
  4. JustStuff

    Releasing tension on wing tip on a dualie

    Well said Nick....now, be sure to get a really big bread truck and I'll lease half of it from you.
  5. JustStuff

    Releasing tension on wing tip on a dualie

    Hey Captain, Having two kite bags of quality "dualies", (Widow Maker, Delta Drives, Kymera, Quantum Pro...) I don't unhook the LE bungees from the wingtips either. And the crowd yells "Booooooo....get the bum..." Candidly, I think that I used to way back when, but quit somewhere along the way. That being said, I've not noticed any unusual stretching/wear/detriment on my kites. And, believe me, at these prices...I would notice!!!
  6. JustStuff

    Karma - May Day Give Away (5/1/14)

    OK Nick....thanks for the Easter smile. I'm still laughing. Regarding the drawing - I'm in! Thanks...
  7. JustStuff

    B-Series STD Package (3/15/14)

    Hey Nick...still busting up from the "KL Police" comment. I'm not sure why it strikes me as so damn funny, but I'm still laughing as I type this. Sheesh...
  8. JustStuff

    B-Series STD Package (3/15/14)

    No, no, no...Respectfully, or maybe not , this "puppy" is staying on the West Coast...pretty please???
  9. JustStuff

    Karma Drawing - PRISM Flip (3/12/14)

    Boomer? Yo ho...hey Boomer? Earth to Boomer...Houston, we have a problem.... I'd type slower if that would help! Anyway, JB, Boomer's "coded" message probably means that "he's in" (in Boomer-speak). I'd default to that position. Anyway,for the record, me too!!! (Huh, does "me too" mean that I'm in? Of course, it does) I'm in!!! There are only two absolute certainties re: this drawing. 1.) I'll get a number and ... 2.) I will not win. Thus, good luck to everyone else.
  10. O.K...I'm back (not that I was ever missed :ani_whistling: ) First of all, congrats on your win! Secondly, I'm in too. Thanks...and looking forward to the drawing. Good luck all.
  11. JustStuff

    Karma 9/30/2013 - G-Kites Delta Conyne

    Ummm..Nic? If you've flown it "only one time for about an hour"...that's still 'brand new'...lol. In that case, " I'm in..."
  12. JustStuff

    Karma 9/20/2013 -- Vintage Revolution Supersonic

    @ Marty @ Nick It's my understanding, that it doesn't have to be a "dualie", or a "quad", or even a kite, and it doesn't have to be new. It can be anything that pertains to kiting, or that could be used by a kite flier, such as a kite bag, sunglasses, hat, wind meter, line winders, or whatever. I think it's pretty much wide open. It's not the item, or the value, that counts. It's the Karma ! Hey Nick from NC...thanks for all the additional info.
  13. JustStuff

    Karma 9/20/2013 -- Vintage Revolution Supersonic

    Hey Gang...since I've been gone for a while and these Karma drawings were new to me, I went back and read about the previous posts/drawings to see how they went (all of your inputs to me were....motivating ) Simply, this is a great idea! More importantly, I know that I've got something of value for someone here. Thanks everyone!!! How did Arnold say it in Total Recall? Oh yea...."I'll be back"
  14. JustStuff

    Karma 9/20/2013 -- Vintage Revolution Supersonic

    Way to go Nick..."new guy" luck...lol...good for you!!! :clap2: Enjoy the kite!!! Oh, to makatakam....the Karma drawing...great idea. I'm going to check my "inventory" in the garage...I must have something in there to "pay forward" for another drawing! Is anyone out there interested in "dualies" or are "quads" it? Oh yea, NIck, what are you donating to the Karma cause? Congrats again!
  15. JustStuff

    Karma 9/20/2013 -- Vintage Revolution Supersonic

    Wow...tough entry requirements! Nice kite... Damn, I wish that I lived on Earth. Will a P.O. Box work? Good luck to all you Earthlings.