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  1. Looks like yuo had lots of fun watty. What kite were you flying on such short lines? BB penny ~who has a wet cat costume to wash.
  2. Thank you all. I'd love to see more national and global events posted. It's such a small world. We have friends we can share this with. Happy Happy Birthday John. BB Penny ~ who better get chores done so she has some fly time.
  3. Very Kool Good to see you again. Maybe you can teach my B some tricks!! I'll be there. BB Penny who's outdoor gear is ready.
  4. Ok, Everyone is having festivals and competitons. Time to get them all posted on Kitelife. I'll try to get Brookings, OR up, and Canada has one on June 13, 14th at Venier Park (SP) More clubs are having fun flys this time of year. In fact PCKA has one this Thursday. at Kite Henge... a golf course? hmm.. see.. we've got to get this info out and posted on the calendar. BB Penny ~who will stop to fly on the way home.
  5. Kewl, not yet Rick. We'll have to look for it. Who was flying it? BB Penny ~who's dragging after getting home at 2AM.
  6. I'm still getting indoor for practice. OMG, so much fun. We've had blue clouds for a couple of days, so I did get some outdoor practice in. That big yellow orb in the sky was a bit of a shock, but I got use to it. Last night when I came home Steve asked if I was happy.. I told him, yes, I was.. "Do you want to be happier? Always.. I said.. "Then go look beside the entertainment center. " I ran to see what he had up his sleeve and wala! there was a package from Lolly at Rev. with a vented Rev II and vented 1.5!! Yeah!!! Love it!!! I'm ready for the highest winds. I'll be able to fly w
  7. I've been working on sitting in a chair and flying the Indoor Rev .. and standing on the chairs and flying the Indoor rev. I'm improving. Still haven't broken anything.
  8. QUOTE (Penny Lingenfelter @ Dec 5 2008, 12:50 PM) Rev coming straight down leading edge first. Walk forward, handles down, and forward making the kite pancakefront down leading edge away-tips towards me. Then popping it back up. Only my up is leading edge down, tips up, the same as when I started the move... then back down, and up. Does it take a front down- facing the ground, then front up- facing the *ceiling to become a flick flac? Nope, those are simply multiple pancakes (by name)... In and out, in and out, etc. Flic flac is with tips down (starting), and a quick flick to send the tips u
  9. I agree... great and appropriate name... Perfect! That move is SOOOO Awesome Spence! Loved it. Some close up, slow video of your hands on these tricks would be great. Keep going! BB Penny ~ who feels inspired~
  10. My costumes are shipped to California, My gear is getting cleaned up. Even more exciting is that Gary Maceachern is making me another single handle for my Rev. Good, if I"m going to be sore, it should be even pain on both shoulders. We're expecing a nice weekend, so fun in the sun, wind or no wind. BB Penny ~who better get ready for work.
  11. I had a wonderful fly last night. The single handle Rev flying. Standing on a chair was easier. Flying blindfolded was easier. walking forward under the kite was easier.. Practice, practice, practice. Next year I['m going to get good. Just like I'm not quite ready to pull out my spring clothes (and the ground was white w/hail last night, so who could blame me), I'm not ready to quit indoor kiteflying. I know I have to get out doors, but it's perfect indoor fly time. Basketball is over! BB Penny ~Who hopes to fly tonight too.
  12. More AM winds where? I'm 2 years into this kite thing, and in Chehalis-Centralia, the winds are rarely usable. Recently purchased land on Long Beach Peninsula - is your Tsunami theory predicting a disaster? Oh my, Oh my - bore us. Hi Howard, My Tsunami theory.  OK, Remember the big earthquake – Was it 2004? 9.1. W. coast of Sumatra. Killing close to 228,000? Not the most destructive, but it caused a tsunami.. a large tsunami. The earthquake caused an under water mud slide. The mud slide pushed the water ahead of it, which raised up in not a wave, but many waves, traveling 100’s of
  13. hey, jeff: 2 is such a modest number. if you don't want to quit when the wind is picking up, nor want to put some holes in your Std /regular as you say, you may look into the vented soon enough. it's not a bad thing, this love for flying. to deal with the issue of having more kites then you can fly at one time, just get your family and friends started, then they will soon be more understanding and supportive..... ps: please don't ask me how many kites we have in our house. Litsong,... That's funny stuff! You know ....yesterday, in the later afternoon, the wind picked up, and my brother in l
  14. Hey, I'm 50 and that's my trick. You can do it Jynx. Now, Watty show them how to jump rope it. BB Penny
  15. Ok, It's Spring, so you'll be outside, but dont' forget an INdoor Rev. You'll want to fly year round regardless of the weather. Knowing how to fly outdoors is not that big of an advantage when you learn inside. So don't forget to look at the indoor for winter.. and those no wind days. You can fly them on long lines, or short. BB Penny
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