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  1. The new DVD really is awesome. Excellent music and David Hathaway and his brother are the musicians. Very cool. I'd like to get some of their stuff on CD.
  2. Looks good, nice work. Can't seem to find my Kitemail link.
  3. Just a little FYI I have some unique Prism kites and Banners along with some Indoor Quads up for sale at GWTW http://www.gwtw-kites.com/ You need to register as a forum memeber than make your way over to the Swap Meet More stuff next week. Thanks
  4. I once collected kites but now less is more. Sea Devil SUL, Light, Standard, Full Vent Frenezy Evolution SUL(framed with 2PT), Standard(roll bars added) Gemini Standard, UL Nice and simple
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