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  1. varennes this weekend, will you be there ?

  2. So do you buggy at Varennes most of the time? I'll be going there this summer (August) when Normand has the kite festival. Also going to make it to St Honoré this year. Have seen a lot of pictures but so long to drive there for a weekend (13 hrs). I'll bring some buggy gear with me and also kites for the single line festival. Looking forward to seeing your buggy and hearing how it goes with a kite kayak.
  3. Just wondering how things worked out on the ice - here in Ontario it wasn't very good ice conditions for buggies with blades this year. Not sure where you are located in Canada if you are looking for others to ride with I know people right across the country. The buggy looks good by the way, nice work. i would caution against adding rear steering though, the buggies as is will turn quite sharp and at speed you don't want them turning any sharper you'll end up either getting ejected. Depending on what you ride on (sand/grass/ice/pavement) etc also makes a difference in turning and sometimes you slide and other times a ton of grip when you need to push the side rails to slide out and slough off speed. Let me know where you're located. Mark
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