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  1. theflyingmick

    Still searching for an Prism Eclipse ??

    Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
  2. theflyingmick

    Still searching for an Prism Eclipse ??

    Have PM Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
  3. theflyingmick

    Still searching for an Prism Eclipse ??

    1 side fitting missing on this one and is on Good condition. all 4 fitting one the other one and that is in fair. Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
  4. theflyingmick

    Still searching for an Prism Eclipse ??

    found Two Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
  5. theflyingmick

    Ash Frame Recommendations

    I been flying the Ash with P100 and I have found them fine from to low wind "we should just stop" to "we are a bit overpowered should we just go stright to mid-vent". I must admit I played alot more with different rod in my B's then I have in the Pro's. Just found I haven't need to. Sent from my SM-N920I using KiteLife mobile app
  6. theflyingmick

    Suggestions on Finding Indoor Places

    The hall built for the schools under the Australian government nation building program are meant to be available to local club and Community groups. May be join/start a kite club and approach the local schools in the area.
  7. theflyingmick

    Ocius tail wieght

    Hope these help.
  8. theflyingmick

    Redcliffe Rev Clinic

    The is the official web site for the festival. Now just counting down the days. Look forward to see you all there.
  9. theflyingmick

    kite lights

    This is a group we started in OZ!/groups/373756166032845?ref=bookmark&%24MURI__user=0'>!/groups/373756166032845?ref=bookmark&%24MURI__user=0
  10. theflyingmick

    Coming over to "the DARK side" ?

    IQuad coming Down Under!! Details.... Confirmation..... Dates..... Defibrillator.... Sent via Tapatalk for iPhone. hers the link.
  11. theflyingmick

    Coming over to "the DARK side" ?

    I got the one rev in my bag, a SLE 1.5 for the day it blowing to had for freestyle with a dualies. But all that may change with the news IQuad is coming down under. A training session before the Redcliffe Kite Festival need a better Rev than a SLE. I could go a Barresi vented. I starting my saving now.
  12. theflyingmick


    Today while I was flying I had a magpie take a interest in my lines. Here is the video. In the sprit of "my story is better" post your "crazy bird" v kite story here. P.S. let not hurt any birds, but dazed and confused is alright.
  13. theflyingmick

    Widow Maker (6/10/2012)

    Win on the tenth Ship to Austrailia It should make it for my Birthday on the 18th Now it up to the RNG to pick 880!
  14. theflyingmick

    A True "Newbie"

    Hi dpod. Welcome. I started off with the Nexus a bit less than 12 month ago. I got use to flying in all condition, light wind to heavy winds where the leading edge starts to flap like chicken when flying across the window. Once I could keep in the air I started to try and do some tricks. One it can do is a back flip and a lazy susan with a bit of luck. I could get an ugly axle out of it to but not much more. It didn't stop me trying though. The next kite was the 4D for when the wind is a bit to light. I than move on the a Sliverfox 2.3. The first thing I notice was the pull. It wasnt drag across the park type, but a big step up. The other was the twitchy ness of it. I was always over steering it for the first few sessions. The main thing is tricks can start to be done on the a better kite. I been flying it for a few months now and it's good fun trying to learn all the tricks. But if you can find some one to learn off it speed things up a lot.
  15. theflyingmick

    SDT 2.8 Power Kite (5/1/12)

    Thanks Baloo, twice now you have cheered on my number but I don't think that it will sway the RNG your way. The RNG is single minded and only look for one thing. The numbers!!! So here they are 880 880 880 960? 833? 880