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  1. Quad line - yes, Rev - No. At :29 there appears to be a ninja eyes on the ground.
  2. nckiter

    the KO

    Here you go Ant http://www.aviatorkites.net/index.php?id=59
  3. Has the classified section been deleted?
  4. And the winner is ......................... ?
  5. Yep, longer lines will give you more response time, slow the kite slightly, and a wider window.
  6. Tips by the others are all correct. Wing flips will also be more common and apt to happen when you are at the very edges of the window. By inverted flight, I take it you mean reverse flight where your bottom tips are pointed in the direction you are flying. This will just take practice, practice, practice. Also it will be much easier initially if you are flying from the edges of the window toward the center. From the center to the edges is very doable but is much more difficult to start with.
  7. Syruss, you didn't say which LE you have in your Rev 1 now, but I assume it is probably the SLE (about a 1/2" in diameter). The Rev 1 is also available with a 4 wrap 1/4" LE which is a better light wind performer. Also available are the 3 and 2 wrap frame sets with increasing light wind performance, flex and fragility. All are available ready made for the Rev 1 and should be available through any kite shop that carries Rev kites. If you are going to invest in other LEs, I would recommend getting the complete 5 pc. frame set in a 3 and a 2 wrap.
  8. Just replied to a similar post in the rev forum http://www.revkites.com/forum/index.php?sh...pic=636&hl= Prior to the B series hitting the market, unless I was flying with other rev pilots who were on 1.5s, I almost always would pull a Rev 1 Sedgwick out first. Vented always being the first choice given appropriate wind conditions. Like the 1.5s, the different frame sets are available to mix and match for wind and flying style.
  9. I fly singles, duals and quads. Revs are my #1 choice! At home with the variable inland wind I can usually keep a Rev flying when anything else is on the ground. When at my favorite beach location, the single lines go up, then I'm on the Revs till it's time to call it a day.
  10. I keep stopping by kitechat and no one is ever there. Is my timing bad or is everybody busy? I'm on EST.
  11. Ant, If you decide to vent a 1.5M SLE, definitely go with the 2 vertical vents like the factory version or with the 2 vents like the new B series. They are both very smooth. You will like 'em.
  12. Welcome John (outsync)! You have truly entered a new world of flying with the Rev. Good choice for a beginning rev also. The Rev1 SLE will give you the opportunity to learn rev flying without being too twitchy and the SLE will take a lot of abuse. Once you get the basics down, you may want to add one of the 1/4" frame sets to your Rev 1, either a 3 wrap or a 2 wrap, this will allow you to fly in lower wind conditions and will also make the kite even more precise than it already is. This is a great forum for all kite flying including the Revs. If you haven't found it already, check out the Rev
  13. I agree with Monkey and Longjohn. After years of putting 4 lines on one winder, I've only had a couple of problems with tangles. This happened with unusually high winds and the lines tangled while getting them up. Like most have said, connect the lines in pairs (right and left), wind them on your winder of choice without loose strands. A couple of things that I always do with my lines: - I let my lines out from the handles to the kite, and take the lines up from the handles to the kite. This results in switching the line orientation each time. - As I wind, I separate the lines through my fing
  14. You are most welcome Bret, and welome to the Dark Side and the forum. I'm not on the left coast but a lot of good flyers here are. Maybe one or more will respond. Good luck with your flying.
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