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  1. laaciz

    Few questions

    hey, practising tricks my kite has been slightly damaged. one of carbon tubing(in leading edge) is coming out of the nose. sooo, question is - where I can find some manual or info how to repair it?
  2. laaciz


    im flying HQ-Salsa II . hmm, i think im gonna try to learn roll up and i found my mistake on turtle(backflip)
  3. laaciz


    Hey, so i'm getting to try few tricks. I''ve learned it so far stalls, few basic landings and recoverys. I have been trying backflip, but whenever i try backflip, kite just starts to fall down and rotate... it even didnt turn over.. why? Things im doing. - flying kite above my head, keeping hands stright up, then im doing a pull +ducking and with my wrists _____(pulling? sorry, i dont know how to tell that in english..) Then it just starts to fall..
  4. laaciz

    Few questions

    Thanks for help. and alot of info. sail isnt bunching around, that was because I putted on first knot - http://imageshack.us...capturecsd.jpg/ edit: Problem solved problem was that sail on the left side was too over-stretched. knots on sail edges was in diffrent lengh/places, one was on 8cm, but other one 8.5cm. released a bit and both stand-offs are now the same.
  5. laaciz

    Few questions

    hmm.. nop they both are 19cm. about kite configuration - lines. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/232/img4929k.jpg/ two of them i can move up and down. what does it do? is there any diffrence where they are?
  6. laaciz

    Few questions

    Hello, my name is Edijs(Eddy), im 22 years old. I come from Latvia - Riga. Im new in stunt kite thing, soo i have few questions about the stunt kite. I'll just add that – in my country stunt kite flying isnt very popular thing and is very hard to find place where to buy stunt kite. So I dont have people who to ask about stunt kite thing I hope you will solve my problems. I'll also add some pictures so it's easyer to understand my trouble. Ok, here it gooooes. Few days ago I bought my 2nd stunt kite HQ-Salsa II (first was HQ-bebop). But then i found some differences in kite structure. One side is a little different, but i thinkit shouldn't be. Problem is in left side stand-off angle it's a little more inside then other one. But i think that shouldn't be.Left wing– http://imageshack.us...7/leftwing.jpg/ Right wing – http://imageshack.us...6/rightwing.jpg Stand-offs gets straight when i release(put on first knot) on wing edge(check picture) – http://imageshack.us...5/nostiepts.jpg but then sail gets like this – http://imageshack.us...33/img4940s.jpg I also have screw on other side of stand-off, but i dont really want to try turn that screw if i dont know what they do picture of screw– http://imageshack.us...9/img4943il.jpg Kite is flying normal, but i dont like that thing. I think that shouldn't be. if it's OK - Then sorry for wasting your time to read this I also have question about kite configuraton, but that i ll ask later.. p.s. sorry for my english, hope you will understand all
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