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  1. Hans

    yet another newbi

    thanks,,will do. Hi Hans, welcome to the forum, and to the kiting addiction! You might try communicating with bartman here on the forum, he's from that area and might know some other locals.
  2. Hans

    yet another newbi

    hi,my name is Hans,im 55 and i live in Regina Saskatchewan Canada,i went to the Windscape Kite Festival in Swiftcurrent Sask. last weekend,i bought myself a Quantum from The Kite Guys. trainers at the festival had me Flying in 10 min.so far i have about 10 hrs. flying time under my belt,lol. im hooked on this ever since i saw what can be done with these kites. i have the videos Prizm put out,a book by David Gromberg,as another member stated in another thread,,you can learn more from flying with someone then from watching all the videos or reading books. so im posting here to see if there is anyone near Regina Sask. that also flys 2 line kites? btw--the quantum is a tough kite,ive crashed lots and its still in 1 piece,,lol.