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  1. MercFlyer

    Yachats Kite Festival Changes?

    Update I guess she was in a bad mood yesterday because today went well. Yachats will have a fun fly sponsored by the Adobe on the Adobe grounds on Labor Day weekend and on the weekend of the 28th and 29th, Yachats will host The Yachats Kite Festival 2012. I will be involved with both events, and I am very happy to say that it sounds like I will get plenty of help this year! So... Mark your calendars! P.S. Thanks for the reply's! Many of my concerns were voiced and validated, the confidence boost was nice. Katrina, that was what I was thinking too, thanks for writing it out for me lol. I am pretty sure that info was a big factor in not trying to get a big production going on for Labor Day and until we have a large enough space for it. I hope I didn't sound like some crazy person but I really feel personaly tied to this event and I thought it was getting pulled out from under me for a less awesome event, all I wanted was for the best possible festival and a good fun fly and I think that's what we are going to get. P.P.S. see you all at Lincoln City! Wyatt
  2. MercFlyer

    Yachats Kite Festival Changes?

    I have a meeting with a Chamber rep tomorrow. I got the impression that I wasn't really going to be included and the Chamber just wanted my references, that bothers me because no one on the chamber flies kites. b I hope this is a link to the site that the Chamber wants to use and this is a larger map showing the bay where last year was and the new site for comparison Is the Chamber site worth using, it seems small to me. This is an alternate location at the Adobe but there are a lot of trees blocking in every direction I feel I should say that I am a bit put off by the interaction I had today, but my intention with this thread is to facilitate the best kite festival that Yachats can put on. I feel the Chamber doesn't have any kite experience and that my own experience would be better with more "Professional" knowledge and wisdom on site choice. woot, the links work.
  3. MercFlyer

    Yachats Kite Festival Changes?

    Hello, some of you know me and some don't, my name is Wyatt Feichtner and my major kiting claim to fame is throwing the 2011 Yachats Kite Festival. The topic description says it, I was approched by a representitive of the Yachats Chamber of Commerce and was told that they are going to throw a kite festival on labor day weekend, a couple of weeks before I was going to throw mine and the same day I was planning a fun fly. The Chambers proposed site is the two lawns just south of the Adobe Motel. I would attach a pic of the Chambers proposed site but I am computer illiterate. I am writing this becuase I was asked to give up my contact info for the flyers from last year so that the Chamber could contact them. I am conflicted and I would like you to choose for me, if the chamber throws thier kite festival I won't throw mine. Part of my conflict is because last year no one would help me throw the festival, but now it seems that the chamber has seen how popular it is and they see a way to make money and they want to take it over. So I guess the question is, Would you as flyers rather fly on a small lawn for labor day in Yachats ay the Chambers festival or on the beach like last year but on the last weekend of September ( the 28th and 29th) at a festival I throw? I really would appreciate your input on this. Thanks Wyatt
  4. MercFlyer

    Kymera (10/25/11)

    :ani_idea: I laughed.
  5. MercFlyer

    Kymera (10/25/11)

    I don't mind if you join in the banter John, just don't be disappointed when you ship that nice Kymera to my place in a couple days. :ani_idea:
  6. MercFlyer

    A quick vid of my 10' Bol

    Thanks Eli and yup this is the first year of my kite making career. I started out with a couple mini paper Cody kites and then made 30 2' dia Bols and then the 10 footer. I am undecided on what to make next a big ball or a 20' Bol or a big spinsock, I want a lifter too so I am looking for a good flowform pattern also. Time to order more ripstop.
  7. MercFlyer

    A quick vid of my 10' Bol

    On about 30' of line with a 15' bridle, wind is about 5mph. Perfect day for a first anchored flight, she was bouncing a good 25' in the air, I was very happy with how everything went.
  8. MercFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    So are we going to have a poll on whether the drawing will be held tomorrow? ha ha just kiding, we all know tomorrow is the day we find out my number!
  9. MercFlyer

    Lincoln City Fall Festival Oct 8 & 9 2011

    I'll be there bright and early Sunday.
  10. MercFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    Only four more days till we learn my number.
  11. MercFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    Lets get back to subject, the only limits talked about here should be on others chances to win this kite from me .
  12. MercFlyer

    B-Series STD Package (9/27/11)

    I'm tempted to ask John what my number is but I think I'll wait until he announces it on the 27th.
  13. I agree with Pete, having a publication online or print is special. Putting out articles when they are completed is easier but I think it takes from the feeling of reading a collection of articles from a certain time. Don't worry too much if an issue is late, part of the fun of 'zines is waiting for the next issue to come out. Sometimes the best meal is not the one that costs the most or tastes the best, it is the one you have to wait for. Snacks are fun but meals satisfy. Whatever you end up doing, you still have my support.
  14. MercFlyer

    Yachats Kite Festival footage Some footage of the Yachats Kite Festival taken by Milo Graamans.
  15. MercFlyer

    Thanks from the people!

    Yeah you were there in spirit for sure John . All the people knew was that they were watching some really good kite flying and they thought it kicked ass :) On a side note there is a buy in town who really wants to fly a Rev , I smell another to the darkside . He was super stoked to see the Revs flying at the festival but I guess he didn't talk to anyone. He is out of town for a couple of days but as soon as I can he is going to fly my EXP.