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  1. My Synchro requiers a minimal amount of walking. However i do have an indoor glider that i can fly without walking.
  2. And here is the video: http://www.flyingkites.nl/video/final-indoor-2006-1.wmv
  3. Hi Mario, I like the Sweety very much, but since i got a Synchro and an Itrix it doesn't get much airtime. The manual is in Dutch, partially in English. There a lot of work that still needsto be done but it will be released in english someday. It's a very good guide to indoorflying with a lot of tutorials on different tricks. Thanks for the great pics Bram! How do you like the Sweety for indoors? What was that flying indoor manual in one of the pictures? Cheers Mario
  4. Video is on the way, should be finished soon. Here are the pictures! http://home.student.uva.nl/marijn.vanveelen/indoor/index.htm
  5. Yesterday i was experimenting with some weight on the Itrix again. Right now i added 3 grams at about 4 cm from the bottom of the spin. I found out it works better in backspin but still doesn't effect the floatyness (for what that's worth on the Itrix, it's not really a floater)
  6. I will post a picture when i get it. Not sure if the booklet is also there.
  7. I got the chance to buy an original Herb Weldon Synchro for a very nice price. Ofcourse i jumped into it, and got it! Can't wait for it to arrive!
  8. Nice colors Mario! I was thinking about experimenting with longer lines. I think i will try that tomorrow. I will let you know what i think. You fly the ITrix outdoors? I never tried that.
  9. Hi Mario, Right now i'm flying the ITrix the same way i got it. So no mods on the kite. I use about 3,5 to 4 meter meter lines on the Itrix. Do you have a picture of your ITrix?
  10. No never tried that, but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe i'll give it a try soon.
  11. no, not at all. Just get it in the backflip, let it sink deep and then a small tug and slack to get the full rotation. The difficult part is to catch the kite on the stoppers, i think those are a bit small and they are easy to miss.
  12. I'm doing 2-pop yoyo's on the Itrix.
  13. Well, i'm not going to translate it all But Stephen, i will keep you all informed here about the small indoor scene in our little country. I had a great evening in the gym yesterday. Did some nice Jacob's Ladders and roll-ups on the ITrix and after that i started chilling with my Pseudo (poor man's Synchro)
  14. John, It's a very good thing that people here are starting to see what a nice addition indoor flying is to their normal outdoor flying. Right now i think me and a friend are the only ones flying indoor regularly. We had Paul de Bakker but he moved to your country I will try to get decent footage for kitelife and i will try to write a nice review.
  15. Finally, we've managed to organise an indoor day in the netherlands. We will be flying with 8 to 10 pilots at a very nice venue. I know that some people will bring video- and photo camera's so i hope i can post some footage soon. Kites we will be flying are: Amazing, Innerspace, Sweety, ITrix, Pseudo, 3D, Feather and some more. It is scheduled for Dec. 16th and if it turns out nicely, we will be doing one in February again. It feels good, knowing that others would like to give this a try
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