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  1. Just listed my B Pro 1.5 full sail on ebay. It's in almost new condition. (You can't tell it's been flown) Reserve is set at $275.00 No handles or lines included.
  2. Tomcat14

    Color trades?????

    I've got three new kites: 1. All White Zen 2. 1.5 B-Pro Hot Fade Center Black 3. 1.5 B-Pro Mid Vent Hot Fade Center Black Is anyone interested in an even, one for one swap strictly for a color change for any of the above listed kites? Not even the frame. Just the sail.
  3. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    Do you have a photo of the Rev I?
  4. Tomcat14

    Making a kite bag

    Get a small butane torch for melt/sealing the edges of the material.
  5. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    Seriously?????? A national website specifically for kite addicts, and NOBODY is even mildly interested in working trades? Trades with cash. I am stunned. Nobody???? wow.
  6. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    What in the world does that mean?? Winning lottery tickets? Do you want to work a trade? This isn't terrribly complicated.
  7. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    I'm very disappointed.
  8. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    OK, I'd understand if you don't have time to craft a list, but at minimum a reply to let me know if you're done, or if you just don't have time would be cool.
  9. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    Ok, so I figure either you send a list of what you have to trade, I can pick and choose and we'll haggle. Or, maybe just a quick response, to let me know I didn't waste the five bucks, pulling the auction off ebay. I'm good either way. Calling or texting works too. Jim Dennison 757=646-0304
  10. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    Dano, Did you abandon me? I feel so alone..... (Snif) Seriously dude, you still down for this?
  11. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    Dano, I'm open to just about annything. I'm looking for either a Zen, a different colored 1.5 Pro.....and then it starts to get sketchy.. Do you want to converse here, or over the phone? Jim Virginia Beach
  12. Tomcat14

    Anybody wanna horse-trade???

    OK here we go...... 1. Rev Blast 2-4 (red) 2. Rev "B" 1.5 Red and Black Black Center 3. Rev S.U.L. Red White and Blue 4. Rev 1.5 Standard (Nylon) (First Rev) ("Sniff") I have two (2) Pro 1.5's the exact same color. (Hot Fade Center Black) One is the Mid-Vent the other is non-vented. I'll trade either one for an identical model but different color. Having two the same color is sooo.... You know. Both are brand new, and made by Bazzer less than six months ago. The Blast and "B" model are just like new, really perfect shape. The SUL and Standard are "veterans". No damage or rips, but they've been around for a while. Little fraying at the edges, but the bungees are all brand new. Photos attached, but photos may be crappy. If you want better shots, email me below. Looking for something interesting that I probably couldn't normally afford. Will trade, or work a trade with cash or whatever. I'm easy. Maybe an interestingly colored Zen, Pro, or "B" model. Who knows.... If you're interested send an email to: Not too much I wouldn't do for a Jose Sainz, Wings, in Gold. Literally. Either way, just interacting with some Rev fliers might be nice. I'm almost alone here.
  13. Tomcat14

    Hampton Area Rev fliers????

    Been flying Rev's for abour 15 years, just got back into it pretty heavily. Flew at the beach a couple times, but I'm not a big fan of sand in my bag. Fly mostly at Trashmore, but found a PERFECT field at Ft. Story. Looking for other folks in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, etc. If there's already a Rev Flier If there's not, let's start one. Jim Dennison Virginia Beach