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  1. Well ... do you all have the popcorn? 🙂 indeed no drama or flamewar. Just some information after a call to the owner of the brand: a lot of products are named as Icarex, but the only real Icarex is owned by a Dutch company. see the spec sheet you can easily find on the internet type in icarexpolyester dot com and all your dreams come through. the rights to produce and sell are since 5-2020 in hands of a new company, the old owner Vliegerop is no more. the product was and is still produced in the factory (Teijin) in Japan. No other Factories produce the (real) product. by hi
  2. Interesting this returning misunderstanding regarding Icarex. Will contact tomorrow the Dutch company Vliegerop. They own the name Icarex and I know the factory is in Japan as stated above. Will ask them what the current status is regarding their ownership of Icarex.
  3. The 4WD from Italy. A very good kite in UL and Vented version. Designed and developed by Werther Secchi. Now on commercial base available.
  4. Hi Wayne..... from over the pond, big hug, speedy recovery...
  5. Bucketlist one shorter and how..... :-)
  6. Have look at www.3m.com/product/information/Blenderm-Surgical-Tape.html This works very good for small repairs and is almost invisible.
  7. Decorators saterday at Scheveningen Holland

  8. Decorators saterday at Scheveningen Holland

  9. Decorators saterday at Schevingen Holland

  10. Yes, I use this kite in low winds with extreme long lines for having fun. ( in principle you speak with a rev pilot) Is very precise and floats through the air. You may indicate the kite as all-round. Let a real trick specialist give more trick comments.
  11. Revolution Xtra vented yes or no

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