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  1. Dug out of Sport Kiting Magazine's 1995 buyers guide: Tori Tako Big Hawk - 120" wingspan, 49" height - wind range 0+ There's a picture of it here ...maybe Erv still has one in the shop. Regards, Cal Yuen Vancouver BC Canada
  2. Probably a repeat of the feature on Team Cutting Edge that was done last year at Westport. Good timing since after all, they're World Champs again! Even I'm in there somewhere, surreptitously trying to get out of the camera view... Regards, Cal
  3. For those in our neck of the woods (and those who will happen to be in the area this weekend...) The 4th annual Festival of Wind, Waves & Water is being held April 29-30 at East Beach, White Rock BC Canada (just NW of the border at Blaine, WA). Low tides will be at 1pm/2pm that weekend, so there will be a lot of room for whatever you like to do (kite-wise of course... )! More details at the BCKA website under 'events'. Hope to see you there! Regards, Cal
  4. Just a little shout out... The 4th annual Festival of Wind, Waves & Water will be happening this weekend at East Beach, White Rock BC Canada (just NW across the border at Blaine, WA). Low tides will be at 1pm/2pm for those days, so there will be a lot of beach and shallow tide pools to play around in for buggiers & KGB'ers. Plus single line displays, demos & individual rok battles...those who have been there will know what I mean... Kitesurfers are also welcome, although the winds in Semiahmoo Bay are usually too light for them (10mph or so). If the weather continues to improve like the last few days, it will be a hoot! Hope to see you there! Regards, Cal
  5. Time to chime... IMO, sport kite competition these days is driven mostly by the competitor community. After all, they pay most of the way, so why shouldn't their needs come first and foremost? As much as this statement sounds reasonable, it's really self-limiting. Take awards banquets for instance...who attends them? Mainly the same group of kite people...so in effect any gains for the promoter could have easily been done by raising the competition fees or other such method...sometimes I get the feeling that, for whatever reason, we don't want 'outside' influences on the sport. Heck, didn't I hear grumblings & rumblings last year at an event when the raffle kite was won by a spectator instead of a competitor? As for judging...this sport will *never* be taken seriously outside of our own little community until there is some formal recognition of a judge's abilities & integrity outside of the 'friends/family/fellow competitors' network. The quality and organization of sport kite judging is IMO, the single most important issue today (even more than getting new fliers in) because, as Bill paraphrases, if you don't trust what the judges do, then what's the point of competition in the first place... Regards, Cal
  6. Thanks for the information Stefan, I think I understand what happened. What seems to be is that STACK, representing over six countries, got only 7 spots total while other organizations like AKA & AJSKA, representing only one country each, got 2 or 3 spots apiece... Must be politics... Regards, Cal p.s. Good luck at Berck & say hi to Georg (we talked for a bit at Lincoln City last year...)
  7. Gathered from various points on the web... STACK was assigned 7 spots...France 2, UK 2, Germany 1, Italy 1, Spain 1... Wonder why STACK didn't get more spots??? Will miss Garuda (assuming they would have qualified 2nd), also the Scratch Bunnies... Hope there is a method to the madness... Regards, Cal
  8. Untrue!...you need to catch up on your history lessons... Check out Issues #6/7 here... Regards, Cal *Addendum*: Plus I need to add that there have been other years in World Cup history that Canadian teams have been invited but did not attend.
  9. It only took me a year to figure out my password... Season's greetings to you Penny! Cal
  10. For most early TOTL stunt kites like the Hawaiian & Spinoff, the bridle came in two pieces, a long section (with bridle setting mark) and a short section, larksheaded onto a pigtail which was the line attachment point. The long section attaches between the top spreader/leading edge connector and the center-t, while the shorter section (outhaul) attaches between the lower spreader/leading edge and the pigtail. Regards, Cal Yuen Vancouver BC Canada
  11. Gee Bill, you remember stuff like that?... Cal Benson rulez!
  12. AFAIK, all of the comp events I know of use peer judging now. The only 'hot tricks' events I know of that use(d) audience participation is the demo at WSIKF and the Nationals a few years back. Cal
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