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  1. Tmadz, lol how did you manage that one. That's pretty good.
  2. Wake up RNG!!!! Looking for number 9 0 3 Good luck to all! This is a good one!
  3. Reef Runner, let's just see how these drawings go this month. then we'll see what happens. Just got a custom indoor last week and the Polo mid came in 3 or 4 weeks ago. Have my eye on a Zen but waiting for the drawings before jumping in with both feet. worst case I just kick a few of the red-headed step children (single lines) out of the bag; at that point I'm pretty sure I could store 2 of each kind I rev; now that my wife is flying that may become a necessity. We'll see how she progresses. Happy winds!
  4. The Polo mid vent needs a friend, this prize would allow my wife to fly with me in a wider wind range. C'mon RNG - #901 Not even the RNG can stop quality time with the wife!
  5. I think the revs would move over and make room for a couple of ghosts. I know I believe in ghosts! RNG = #901
  6. Your brothers, STD, full vent, indoor, and shockwave, and your second cousin Polo mid vent are saving you a spot in the bag Zen. C'mon RNG, you wouldn't want to split up a family!!! ;-) #901----> PLEASE!!!
  7. Well, I used to DJ; kites are kinda like my records, haven't DJ'd in 5 years still can't bring myself to sell a record... BIGGER BAG IT IS!!!
  8. Thanks RR, it's serving it's purpose. I keep this up though and it won't be big enough to hold all the revs. . Still waiting on some patches from Los Hermanos And Polo with the arrival of the Polo mid-vent.
  9. Just posted some pics in my gallery Rev B Series. Finally realized you have to upload pics from a real computer, not a mobile Apple device.
  10. Just figured out how to post pics. Check out a couple at the album Rev B Series under (general)

  11. 4lnKITE

    Rev B Series

  12. Will do, John. The design was from a picture of a buddies rev bag. It has six kite pockets the one on the right is a little larger to accomodate the incoming shockwave. each sleeve will hold at least 2 1.5's in their sleeve. The pockets, by chance each ended up as two pockets; just by design and sewing. Works out well though for handles in the back and line sets in the front. I'll see you in April John an you can check it out. Not perfect by any means but a good first try.
  13. Alright guys, and gals , I finished the bag last night. Can't seem to upload photos here with a mobile device. I'll try from my home computer tonight, but the iPad and phone aren't working. Feel free to check a couple of picks out on Facebook. The name is Justin Abel. I'll double check to make sure the pics are on public but if not send a friend request; more kite friends are always good!!!
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