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    Nexus prism & others, My home made Quad, Revolution, Gemini, Deep Space, Pro Dancer
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    I started flying kites around October 2005
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    My priority interest is to have and make my family happy, who Came from Guatemala only 21 months ago, that's why I started flying kites, to take them to the beaches, parks, and wherever there is enough space and freedom, and not been watching TV all day long.<br />Recently I made my first GUATEMALAN KITE. A quad. I am also trying to fly Paragliders, and allready taken some training but this sport is pretty expensive. I guess is safer to fly kites on firm land.<br />Besides that, I play Chess, when I find an opponent, Play guitar when the mood is right, and go to work, work, work....

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  1. It was 3 years ago when I discovered "Stunt Kites", I had never even seen one before. My first dual was Nexus from Prism, then I bought Gemini and soon after that, Deep Space from Benson; and like many people, I tought I could make one dual kite... but...is easier said than done, then I moved to quad kites and I was able to make a few four liners,...but the fabrication of the dual kite it was always in my mind, so...finnaly, 3 years later, I decided to build a DUAL LINE KITE, and I came out with this...***FANGS*** I NAMED MY FIRST HOME MADE KITE, "FANGS", because it has white at the ends of the wings. Anyway, the kite fly very well, it does perfect straight lines, it AXELS very nicely, but it does not fade??? I may have to do something about the bridles, weights at the tail or something, and, after all... NOT BAD FOR MY FIRST HOME MADE DUAL KITE. Here, are a couple of pictures of my first encounter in building a dual kite. *FANGS*.
  2. !Felicidades! with your new coming family member. And I would say: December 26, at 1:36 A.M. Héctor
  3. According to the plan, yes, but I didn't follow exactly. I extended the bridle to go to the original center hole, but who knows, if by punching those holes it would be "even better" ??? I tell what, I a gonna make those 2 holes and I will try again next Saturday, and I'll let you know if there are any differences or what. One thing I am sure: they do trick easier and better, than the standar bridles, when I was practicing last saturday, I felt like a John Barresi, or a Lam Hoac, or like a Shawn Tinkham, you know...one of those top shots... in other words, anyone who try these bridles, WILL LIKE THEM VERY MUCH, AND WOULD WANT TO BUY MORE KITES. Except me, who makes my own. (actually, cannot afford) Have you seen my indoor 1.5 yet?
  4. Precision???...Hmmm... I've got to be honest, you know I don't practice that much, only some Saturdays, 3 a month, and I am not very good at precision yet, Crisp: yes they are very touchy, responsive: they do everything you throw at them. Those bridles are very good to my humble opinion, and just like everything, practice, practice, practice...makes the master, and for been the first time, with my modified rev.1.5 I did pretty good, if I could practice some more I would not be afraid of participating in a contest, or something. Axels, man... it was the first time I did those, and the flic flacs, they where very decent, I've got carried away with emotions. AND FOR YOU GUYS AND GALS WHO WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT A TRY.... HERE THEY ARE... THE FRENCH BRIDLES.!!! I am not sure if they are called "Turbo Bridles too" anyway, have fun, if anyone uses those bridles after I post the drawings, please let me know, just for my own satisfaction that I did something good for my fellow kite flyers. You must do them exactly, or the closest you can. Dimentions are in millimeters. ENJOY THEM, HAVE FUN, AND THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING. Hector Herrera Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlyier.
  5. I have noticed that Rev. kite fliers want to be able to do tricks, more often, and, for some time now, I have known of the French Bridles. About a year ago I had them set in my Rev. ll. and Just last week I decided to try them in my Old Rev. Sul 1.5 and now modified to Vented Rev 1.5. With the New Bridles, I was able to do: GROUND PANCAKES, AXELS, FIC-FLACS, and some very good GROUND RECOVERY. (this may sound like dual kite flying) Let me tell you that I am totally convinced, that, if anyone wants to do this tricks at easy, then, FRENCH BRIDLES ARE A MOST. This is only my own personal opinion, and since videos speak better than words, let me share my last experience, with you. And, finaly, I had a lot of fun doing those tricks. Suggestion... try them, (French Bridles) you'll like them. Last but not least, my video is of poor quality, since I am only using Microsoft video Maker, and my Sony lap top is pretty old. Anyway, I let you be the judge. Hasta la vista Amigos. Hector Herrera Mr. Guatemalan Kiteflyier. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=74...50519&hl=en
  6. *PILOT'S SOUL*: ...You are very good, in many aspects of kite flying...I happens to see another of your articles and they are not only very informative, but also very inspirational, and done with great mastery. In a scale of 10,.... I give you a 10. http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue49/mskf49/index.htm Congratulations Gustavo, your share of your knowledge, is greatly apreciated. "VOS SOS GRANDE". ***IT WOULD BE IDEAL FOR YOU TO COME TO THE UNITED STATES, AND PARTICIPATE WITH US, IN KITE FLYING.*** I personnally would like to see you sometime...soon. Sincerely: Héctor Herrera Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlier.
  7. EXCELENTE VIDEO...Well done Gustavo, I just enjoyed 10 full minutes of "Pure Art Form". Congratulations. Keep sending your videos for our enjoyment, Thank you so much. Hector Herrera
  8. I guess you would need THIS KITE...
  9. Really? Is that right? I wonder if Mr. Lee Sedwick would allowed me to RE-DO Lady in Red, with a Red Kite I have in Mind. I have this wild idea about a brand new Flat Kite design, and it would be perfect if I could do it with the same song. Of course, this are only ideas, but just like Mr. Lee. Sedwick, and the statemen by Penny, this is a world of innovations. New kite design? New Yo-Yos stake? Hmmm...whatya think? Thanks Penny and of course Thanks Mr. L.S.
  10. Good afternoon Penny! it is 6:30 pm and I came from work about half an hour ago, and I am responding. Thanks for the info. and... talking about Mr. Lee Sedgwick, He IS a true legend, and HE is big. I wonder if "was He the first person to ever use the dog stake for kite flying? and if so...my admiration for such a personality will be much bigger than what it is allready. check my ignorancy about this matter, the first video I saw about D.S. Flying was from John Barresi and I sent him an E-mail asking him, if he had a motor in his arm or something, to bring the kite in and out, cause I could not see how the kite could come close to him. Then I saw the FAMOUS AND NOW CLASIC "LADY IN RED" and that video from Lee Sedwick put a big impact on me, and I decided to pursue that kind of flying, In fact I wanted to make a RED QUAD, and re-do the lady in red with a Quad. I even downloaded Lady in Red song for that purpose, say hello to Mr. Lee Sedwick when you see him. Thanks Penny.
  11. Penny Lingenfelter INDOOR DOGSTAKING...??? You've got me??? Hi Penny!!! I was reading some of the previous postings when I didn't know anything about dog stakes, and came across this one, posted by you!!! Indoors??? I am trying to imaging how it is done Indoors...??? what? just walk backwards like flying the regular indoor style? I...I...I don't get it. Dog Staking~ You can use the rope on the field too. Indoors use the hoop, or volley ball pole to dog stake off of inside. Connect up high indoors. BB Penny
  12. Hmm...I guess the majority wins...I tell you what, I am going to make another Yo-Yos Stake. A new one with a complete renovation in the back, some kind of a SLIDER going to the bottom side of the Yo-Yos, in a way that you can fly your kite in a normal fashion and then aproach the YO-YOS STAKE, pass the lines over and into the YO-YOs and then do your YO-YOS STAKE KITE FLYING... THAT would make a BIG improvement, the Yo-Yos will be closer; just like you, and some, would like to have it. Yeaah, I'll do that, maybe I should patent the idea and it should work better with your imput. Thank you John, and definitly...You will be able to try it sometime. Thanks everyone. God Bless you all. Hector Herrera
  13. Hi Penny!!! another good question...the way it is right now, I don't think it's going to affect anything. Putting the Yo-Yos closer togheter MIGHT be easier, less bulky, but I dont' think it will improve or decrease the kite's flying ability or performance. When the kite goes flying to the side of the window, the lines will keep the same lenght, since they are all atached to "the center" of the Yo-Yo's Stake. That's the reazon for having them "in line", one on top of another. Contrary to the old version, wich had to rings on one side, and two rings on the other, THAT DISTANCE, between each set of two rings, was making the difference. and 22 centimeters apart, WILL SHOW OR FEEL, when the kite goes to the window's side. I have to tell you that I have not experimented with this system "FULLY, YET", but in the short time that I did, I could feel and tell the big difference in the kite's handling. It fly better, EEEASIER, due to the ball bearings, and it's fun. If you let me say one more thing, Let me experiment with this system some more, and if I Honestly feel that the stake is 100% capable of performing what it's meant to be, I would be willing to MAKE AND SELL, a few, for those who might want one. Just think of this, I am using, stainless steel bars, and each Yo-Yo cost $14.55 plus CA. taxes. (I could use other materials...any sugestions?) This "thing" may look easy to make, but it takes time, proper welding, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for your question Penny, I really hope to see one of your performances, some day. Truly yours: Hector Herrera I am attaching a picture of the old version and you can see the difference. I am edditing this posting one more time...to add a picture of my first dog stake. The one I found very hard to play with. Take a look at the very bottom of the picture, and I am flying "Space Stations" one of my kite designs...!!!
  14. John, John, John Barresi...I will be honored, Hoping to meet you sometime. And I am going to use this space to answer to John Mitchell; that is a very good question. My answer is: as long as you keep the lines tight they won't come out of the spool, the Yo-Yo's depth is enough to keep the lines in place. Since the purpose is to do the dog staking fly style, you don't have any slacking lines. I was thinking that, if, there is very little wind, then the lines will fall behind the Yo-Yos, and the way I have it set up, they will not fall out. There is allways, room for improvements, and one of those, may be, having the Yo-Yos closer togheter, but the basic idea of not having any binding lines, HAS BEEN SOLVED WITH THE BALL BEARINGS ROTATION, not alowing the friccion lines. (from now on, it will be called: YO-YOS STAKE, KITE FLYING)
  15. I would like to make a comment,... although this new Yo-Yos Stake was posted in Quads Head section.......... IT CAN ALSO BE USED TO FLY TWO LINES KITES "DUALS".
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